Friday, May 30, 2008


Sign… recently everyone got stress up so easily and compliant to me everyday. … Ah yo… I always told them : “ don’t stress don’t stress, just think about Sichuan!”

Wendy’s problem:
She is kinda weird I guess. Problem is she abit crazy or lost some wire. Why I say so?

Scenario 1:
Wendy: die la die la I not enough sleep and I don’t haven time to sleep. How? I got too much order to be out within a week.

Me: “Ask you quit you don’t want, see now can’t cope. Work as shipping assistant and have 3 personal own business to look after!” Just quit and settle all the case.

Scenario 2:
Wendy: “I quit my job le”

Me: “Great! Then you more time to sleep and rest!”

Wendy:” But now I don’t dare spent $ because I going jobless le!”

Me:” what inside your brain? You quit because your business is earning too much then need to quit! OMG”

Scenario 3:
Wendy:” Wa today I so shag because got a lot of orders!”

Me:” then good la so you have more $ now no need worry le!”

Wendy: “But I so sian no time to spend!”

Scenario 4:
Me: “so anymore apparel you need me order for you!”

Wendy:”I like it a lot but I no $ to order, you know la I going jobless le!”

Conclusion: the whole conversation is only within this 3 days and yet she really contradicting of 3 min she is poor 3 min later she is too rich but no time to spend and 3 min later she say she is poor again.

WENDY WAKE UP, you’re not jobless you’re boss of 3 personal company and you’re earning a lot more than all f us so don’t give me CRAP okay. I don’t wish to hear complaint that you going jobless don’t dare spent $. Each time I heard you saying this piece of CRAP I will fine you $5sgd

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Double Happiness….

The seller really had sent me a new replacement which is in perfect condition.
I love my mobile phone even more as it is totally in PINK.
I spent $30sgd buying this Pink SE k800i housing / faceplate and it don’t come with installation manual. Thus I had to search from forum to pay for others to assemble my housing. To my horror a guy in forum want to charge me for $20 for assemble my own PINK housing / faceplate. Then forget it, I really feel too expensive. Thus I had been searching the internet for teaching me how to change my housing / faceplate. So I manage to learn my skill from YouTude.

LOL… anyway I already accomplish this mission and learn a new skill. Please leave a comment if you need to change housing / faceplate for your SE K800i. I will only charge $10.

Replacement from royaldhi

The spree I organize: Is totally successful; I had received all goods on 23rd May 2008 when seller actually post for me on 21st May 2008. Cool!!!!

All pendant appear so nice, however 1 of my spree-er told me that Singapore Bits & pieces is selling at $99 each. This is the reason why she order from me. Anyway seem this spree is so successful I’ll create another spree for this custom make 925 name pendant. J
Please support lo….

Initial design draft:

Outcome Product:
As I had a past experience thus I hope there’ll be more spree-er to order for me.Custom Make 925 Name Necklace: [To be update later]

Unfortunately, my own custom make name pendant is not back yet…. However I’m expecting all to be back by 26th May 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday night, news reported that before Sichuan had earthquake, they saw lots of rainbow clouds in the blue sky.

The picture was taken from the video in the news report; there are more than 1 rainbow clouds in the sky.
The citizens of Sichuan believe that there are know as “earthquake cloud” which is the tell-tale sign of earthquake is coming.

Report shown these are only just rainbow cloud and not “earthquake cloud”!
It looks like a rainbow that's been set on fire, but this phenomenon is as cold as ice.
The arc isn't a rainbow in the traditional sense—it is caused by light passing through wispy, high-altitude cirrus clouds. The sight occurs only when the sun is very high in the sky (more than 58° above the horizon). What's more, the hexagonal ice crystals that make up cirrus clouds must be shaped like thick plates with their faces parallel to the ground.

When light enters through a vertical side face of such an ice crystal and leaves from the bottom face, it refracts, or bends; in the same way that light passes through a prism. If cirrus’s crystals are aligned just right, the whole cloud lights up in a spectrum of colors.
This particular arc spanned several hundred square miles of sky and lasted for about an hour.

These 2 pictures are known as “earthquake cloud”. The cloud in the sky had form into a long snake.

For years, considered a mystery to science with unknown form of genesis, strange cloud formations have been thought to precede earthquakes. Even Chinese and Italians were aware of unique clouds that gave sign preceding large earthquakes. Yet these clouds form days before earthquake.

More relevant reports had proven this:
Click Here to Study More

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

阮经天 (Ethan/Jason).

Recently had be addicted to watch this Taiwan drama call “命中注定我爱你” the main actor is 阮经天 (Ethan/Jason). I like him as I found him really look like Jay Zhou. They are 88% alike.
绿光森林 is the first drama which I saw his act. Now the new drama is so romantic and comedy thus it may me so addictive till I stick to my monitor all the time. However till now only have 9 episodes, sigh…. I really hate waiting.

His profile:
Height: 184m
Weight: 71 kg
Blood Group: B [same as Bee]
Birthday: 08th November 1982 [ wow he’s 2 year younger than me, and he is Scorpio too but I prefer Jay now, at least Jay is older than me by 1 year! Hee…]
Favorite color: Black, Blue & White [ I also like white….]
Dislike color: Yellow [ wa…. Same as me]
Verdict: Drama he act all very nice and romantic.

Buy Buy and Buys…..

Seriously when I don’t work, I will keep on buying lots and lots of items. I’ll only start to work when my money level is low. And I quite scare that I lost track of what I had order and paid for.

Okay…. Here is the best place to record down:
Little Piggy Spree by Seller LJ Id: huahua
Paid on 4th May 2008, $19SGD still needs to top up oversea and local postage for 2nd payment.
Spree close on 5th May 2008
Waiting time is 2 months
Remark: Thus I assume I’ll receive around 5th July 2008. “Sigh” so long huh… longest spree I ever join and weird is she got not feedback link. Hopefully she is trustable and waiting time is shorter than expected.
Update on 4/6/2008: Waited a month you know and TODAY she say no more stock thus I wonder is it a scam anot as she only update when I request her to do so. So coincident. Now problem BIG, as she had collect from me $19! $17 is the item price and $2 is the handling charge. Just wondering is she going to refund me ALL or just refund me $17.

She's a very LOUSY organiser that I had met. Thus I advise all don't ever go spree with her, you'll really regrette.

This is her LJ spree do BLACKLIST HER
Matrix Biolage Serie of Hair Products- not worth at all, as is $12sgd more so NOT TO BUY

4 bottles of Opi Polishes - 1 of the bottle leak due to never bubble wrapping
Online store: HeadtoToe [ FAIL ] I won't order from them again
Paid on 5th May 2008 Post out on 11th May 2008 REACH on 15th May 2008
Expected to reach 21st – 27th May 2008
Amount: $106.35USD / $146.95 Rate is 1.4
Replacement from royaldhi
Post on 14th May 2008
REACH on 22nd May 2008
Amount: $20 Sgd
Remark: Had recieved an inferior set on 8th May 2008

Things I wrote in
Will post in 2 patch, will be arrive in Singapore by this week and next week

1 Jay Mp4 player REACH on 26th May 2008
1 White gold plated customize Necklace REACH on 26th May 2008
2 pair of Elecom Eardrop Series *Crystal* REACH on 14th May 2008
6 qty Angela Hair Accessories [Romantic Princess] REACH on 14th May 2008 but 16 qty missing thus re order is done. REACH on 26th May 2008
1 White 3d Angel Wing Tee REACH on 14th May 2008

From this list, I feel I'm quite havoc as I had imported back my own Shampoo too. LOL

Gadgets Crazy….

I’m indulging of buying more gadgets. Now my computers table already no place for other items. Recently had bought a Chinese Tablet in order to help me to use the stylus in writing in Chinese character as my Han Yu Pin Yin is very lousy thus I can’t type Chinese character so no choice had to get this Chinese Tablet to help me.

Had bought a Microsoft webcam too so I can see Bee every time when we talk as we always fight inside the phone thus hoping we get to see each other’s expression so we won’t misunderstand each other. Thus getting this is to minimize phone quarrel. [*hoping it work* cross finger]
Look computer table it is really crowded:

1 Epson Printer
1 set of Altec Lansing Speakers & Sound Woofer
1 22” LG Monitor
1 Microsoft Webcam
1 Wacom Chinese Writing Tablet
1 Logitech wireless set of mouse & keyboard
1 TV external box with remote
1 Starhub cable modem for telephone
1 Singnet ASDL wireless modem
1 Canon scanner

All this things really pack up the whole table and I guess I need to change my table soon.

Places that I had never been before in SINGAPORE for my 27 years

Had visit Haji Lane last week, however I never came across this street for 27 years. Haji Lane is just next to Arab Street. Malay and Tourists is mostly spot there. There’s a lot of fashion shop houses along Haji Lane but I feel more of the items is very expensive and even higher than those departmental store.

Guess their main profit is from tourists… after lots of walking, I finally find this shop that look like a museum which I can found my toys that I play in the early 80’s.

SaSa bear boutique is located there too.

Shophouses in Haji Lane..

Inside the Arab area...
Some event is going on...
SaSa bear boutique... Pictures that taken from the shop is not allowed thus all shots are in weird angel and not clear...
Antique shop which you can find all kind of toys/games in the early 70's - 80's
These are the telephone I used befoe, I love the 1st one from the right hand side. Really did use all this phone before when I was very young. However I ask mum where the phone, she say all this phone belong to Singtel in early 80's. They just need to buy a line and phone will be provide by Singtel. Wow it is great hor, unlike now.... Everything need $$$
I also find a big bed of Bird Paradise
Guess the sun is setting down, and this is my end of the visit
Bye Bye Haji Lane

Verdict: Haji Lane, a place that filled with different cultures!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pink SE K800i Housing

m… quite long that I never blog my life. Sigh… I’m neither busy of work nor shopping. However as those things I had order from internet haven’t reach me thus I got no inspiration what to spree for my spree-ers thus I stop online business for 3 – 4 weeks le. So I’m very very poor now and need to start to work again.

However, I had received the Pink SE housing BUT it is sort of inferior set.

Unpleasant experience:
- I was charge $9.99 AU for shipping yet seller only pay $7.20HKD. Thus I was being con for $11.64SGD
- Assorted parts are not for my phone model
- The battery cover is full of scratches
- M2 card slot and play button slot are crack
- As the overall don’t fit well so my back button is not functioning when I change my pink housing.

But I manage to save $15 as I manage to change my own housing by looking thru YouTube. Thus now I had mastered how to change housing for SE k800i.

And I had already reflect this unpleasant buy to the seller and he agreed to replace me a new one and will be post on 14/5/2008. I really hope this replacement will be great and fit in my k800i and function well.
Picture show is after I had completed assemble all the part together.
Lastly, I will give this company a last chance, I promise to release the online store name if happen the replacement is still an inferior set.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Unavoidable Mistake

28/4/2008 Monday,

I had made a silly mistake today, as I had print wrong address for one of my regular customer. But feel puzzle when she actually hung my phone instead of being worry that she can’t received her package right… However I only though she is just had a bad day however what I think is wrong.

However I had settled the matter with Singpost within 24 hour and she mange to get her item on 30/4/2008. She sms me to apologies of what had happen the other day. But yesterday I again received her sms scolding me trying to say” how can you make this mistake?” What can I say, I already overlook it and print wrong address and already post out and you already received Singpost notification letter. I’m not a magician I can’t turn back time to eraser my wrong. I already apologies and settle the matter. If you really wish me to give you a good explanation… I’m sorry I can’t in my view, WRONG is WRONG whatever explanation I give you is rubbish.

All I can do is apologies and then settle the matter ASAP right. Frankly speaking I know I’m wrong in first place but you are RUDE to hung up my phone without telling me “head & tail” of what going on…? And also I hope this matter is close as now even you rack up this matter I still speechless like before. What you want from me just tell me don’t Monday hung my phone Tuesday buy my thing again Wednesday sms me you’re sorry and Thursday scolding me again.

Quote by an CPG architect: “ A man can never make a mistake, I ever had make a mistake in my design however my reputation turn smelly after that incident, No one will give me an second chance despite of how many design awards I had won the past .”
What I can say is, I also don’t wish this mistake to happen, I also not happy okay. It depend of you whether to give me a second change and forget about it. If can’t, then that too bad for both of us.

I will lose a regular customer and you lost a cheap place to purchase your apparels. I only hope you don’t come and tell me how mad you’re now still because I really feel frustrated instead of guilty now. I had apologies enough and amend the mistake so what you want just tell me. However I won’t close my online store because of you as this is only a small thing at my side.

Error will occurred when my orders getting more and I’m short handed so it is reasonable to had mistakes.