Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I really love to DIY craft stuffs, today on the way back from SingPost, saw AMK Hub is selling these cute DIY pet keychain. Thus I bought one for Wendy as she is a dog lover.
And most important is she loves PINK!!!

Verdict: I feel it is 99% similar, however I did some changing of the doggy cloth color, as the pink inside the kit is too DULL! The "W" stand for "wendy" but of course I never meant to name this dog by your name so don't misunderstood me.Sigh… I really love to do this kind of craft but such a simple thing I need to sew for 2 hours. Which I feel is too long, am I not up to standard if not why all my DIY jewellary need 6 hours each and so to my angel clay.
My first attempt to do this angel clay without any instruction, some people say the cupid hair look like “mee pok”. And the angel hair looks like “spaghetti”

This is my second attempt of doing the baby angel clay, however I do it as I left with lot of the clay so don’t wish to waste. LOL However this time round, more people say the angel hair look like marshmallow. SOB SOB

Not to forget TODAY IS MY DAD Birthday!!! Alamak…. Until I see the cake then I realize is my dad birthday today.

However my birthday is next coming monday only, thus my birthday wish is already stated inside my Wish List so need all my friends and family to acheive it le.

Anyway my dream is to have a shop that do customize gift like these DIY stuff I do. However my speed so low how to open shop I think open class better. Ha ha...

终极一家 Last Episode

Ha ha…. Finally 终极一家 is 55 episode only. Aiyo… too long and draggy le.

Verdict: It is a comedy drama, it cheer me up when hearing their hokkein conversation. However, as the episode too long winded thus a bit boring in the ending.
Sigh… I finish a lot of dramas le, thus left only 公主小妹 to look forward. However my birthday is round the corner. I’m going for a 3 day 2 night chalet where I used to celebrate my 21st Birthday.

Better go pack my pretty clothes as I haven’t do anything about it. :p

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friend Forever

So moody today as like noting to do, meet up with my ITE friend on Sunday for my pre birthday lunch. However chatting about alot of ours friends had change in their character. I strongly believe that the main causes is due to the world is corrupted. One of the biggest reasons I left work force. I really can’t adapt to outside world as the office is filled with politic and colleagues is hypocrite.

I used to believe that they are nice to me, however after some incident I saw their real truth color which cause me very upset over it. I those kinds of people will walk away quietly and won’t fight against it. You can say I’m coward or ostrich habit (when obstacle arrive, ostrich often hide their face inside the hole in the ground) I don’t have the energy to fight back or think anything to get them back. BUT I guess this is why most of my friend changes as they just behaving in a way to be defensive only. However I feel you won’t be happy living in this way as you always need to safe guard for yourself. Sigh… I don’t wish to lead this kind of life.

However, unfortunately I can’t accept the way they change, is like they are not the friend I used to know. I do feel more fortunate compare to others as Bee had protect me so carefully that why I'm still the same and no need to face this scary selfish world.

But I’m very glad I met my secondary friend, she used to “nurse” me like a little princess. She’s just like a nanny to me during school day. And I got her back in April 2006. She is the only one who watches over me like my guardian angel. She’s always there for me when I in trouble. And most importantly she never changes till now. She is still the one that I used to know. Oops ya, got change but is her outlook only. Of course she is prettier now.

True friend are hard to get, however I thanks GOD to give me 1 in my entire life.

Wendy, you are my last thing I wanna lose on this earth…

Saturday, October 20, 2007

It been a LONG weeks

Saturday, 20th October, 2007
The Chinese Physician

Woke up at 11am today and went to Chinatown to eat breakfast and see Chinese physician. As Bee already cough a month plus thus advise him to go see him. However I also visit the Chinese physician as my cough still hasn’t recover completely.

The main things were my purpose is to ask him did they sell pear powder which is oral supplement for lady. The purpose: youthful and radiant. Do note that it is pure pearl to be grain into powder foam. Doctor had advice me only take twice per month, as it will become stone inside the stomach if taken daily.

Each dose is $18 and per month is $36. However the Chinese physician only let me collect the powder next Saturday as he is very busy today and no time to grain for me today.

After that we went to 10 dollar KTV and check out the price, to my surprise is not $10 for each session is $10per hours. Omg. Thus we head off to shopping in Chinatown.

Bought this legging in black at $13
And purchase another new plastic compartment box for my parts as it is full.

All my precious ingredients in these 4 boxes
All these parts already cost me till $300 plus…

Anyway I started off this expensive hobby in august 2007.My 1st art piece: Roselle Necklace

Friday, 19th October, 2007
Guardian Angel

Meet Sharon for lunch at her work place again as I need to open TT account today and change my spoilt spray. Unlucky is I need to test 6 HK spray then manage to find a work ones.
However I had go shopping in my favorite craft shop at new bridge road. Initially only wanted to buy some jewellery parts but end a big 5cm Swarovski angel handphone accessory. It really caught my eyes so much till I often $50 to buy from the shop. But the boss say is sample only must buy the parts do myself. So he told me to buy the 1 cm angel set with instruction and buys the big angel part.

The small angel set is $4.90 and the big angel parts cost $25. Remember is only the parts, and need to assemble and do it myself.

Total damage: $51

I started off to do my necklace and bracelet 1st as that time I already done half way and stopped due to insufficient materials. I reach home by 4pm and finish my necklace, bracelet and 2 angels by 9pm. What a long day for me, however I do enjoy it.

Necklace: Precious

Bracelet: Shines

My favorites: Swarovski Guardian Angel

Thursday, 18th October, 2007
Dentist Appointment

Today is my crown appointment at National Dental Center. I had been waiting for this appointment for 7 months. As I was under subsidies thus need to wait so long. Appointment is 2.30pm; however I purposely reach Chinatown at 11.30pm. Never expect that the shops haven’t open thus very boring to wait there. After buying the eyelash glue and a new set of eyelash, I had gone to Shenton Way to meet Sharon to have lunch and to do my TT account. BUT I forgotten to bring along my IC thus need to come back again tomorrow. However had TT to my supplier $2000HKD today.

However after our lunch, we had visit a Hello Kitty shop in UOB building. I had bought a HK pink towel and a HK hair spray. Cost me $8.90 only.

I got myself a new friend to do my hair>>>> hair spray
But it is spoilt.

I thought I suppose to put on the real crown today however it is not what I expected. Today, dentist trims my tooth smaller and moulds my tooth again. Sigh… why so much process and the treatment today is 2 hour and I been open my mount big for 2 HOURS! Best part is when I see the bill, $506.50!!! My heart so pain….

Total Damage: $915.40

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Raining Season....

It been busy from Monday onward, however if you ask me what am I buzy with… My answer will be "I also don’t know." Pathetic right!!!

However I thought I complete 终极一家. However 终极一家 not only 50 episodes. BUT who can tell me how many are there in a complete series? 50 episodes series is consider long but now there're even more series. I really appreciate who can answer my question now.

Anyway yesterday I go Bishan Junction 8, had saw my wish list - Pink Sony Vaio Cr in BEST. This is the very 1st time I had opened up and see. it is also pink inside. I really can’t keep my mind thinking about it now. But it is too expensive. $1999!!!!

I counted as jobless so how can afford. Sigh…. Can I request to win the Big Sweep Grand Price for my coming Birthday so that I can purchase my fav laptop... :p

Pink Sony Vaio Cr Serie

Monday, October 15, 2007

Summary of my Week Ends…

Friday 12th October 2007
Chilled Out

It had been a boring day through out. However really very boring till I began to cut my eyelash while watching 娱乐百分百. I remember my beautician said: “If you want your eye lash longer, then trim a bit.” Of course initially I don’t buy her story totally so I trim my left eye only. But after 3 weeks, my left eye lash really 2 – 3 mm longer than my right side. Thus I no choice, so must trim both side again.
But娱乐百分百VIP is Rainie Yang, I love her so much thus I cant keep my eye off her. And that its!!!! Both sides eyelash is gone. I everything and best is Saturday is my granny birthday. So moody le….
It’s chilling time… finally the sun gone down. I meet bee go eat pepper crab today. This was my 1st time trying pepper crab as I always eat chilli crab. Furthermore, I always thought pepper crab must be really bitter, yet it turns out so delicious.

Pepper crab at Serangoon North Ave 1 Coffee Shop

After dinner we headed toward Yishun Ring Road for a drink. Bad Luck I guess, once I only started a slip of my rhum raspberry Breezer, it started to rain. What to do, go home and sleep lo……

Saturday 13th October 2007
Granny 86th Birthday

After the black Friday, my eyelash is gone. Thus I left with no choice so I try on the fake eyelash. Sigh… it was so hard till I end up using 1 hour to fix it on. After all it is still my 1st attempt.
Headed toward Granny house without any breakfast, it is already 1pm yet still no food yet. All of us is staving le. But when food comes, erm… look delicious but I feel like vomit out after having it. OMG… can you imagine? Dishes looks nice taste awful! Dishes I cook always look awful, guess taste even worst. Ha Ha Anyway, after the cake session we go to IMM shopping and Yishun North Point. I manage to get myself a pretty black Espirit black tube top after a long day. :)

Sunday 14th October 2007

A day that I can sleep in till 11.30 am as no kids in my house today. Hee… however Bee need to go beach road to do his army dog tag. Thus my late breakfast was taken there.

My breakfast >>>>> beef ball soup noodle

We headed to army market after the heavy breakfast. However I realize there sold a lot of lady fashion rather than just the plain army stuff. However the prices are very steep comparing to Bugis Village or even Far East Level 1. M… no wonder the shops there always change like the 4 seasons.

It is a hot day even though it looks partly cloudy; we went to Chinatown after collecting his dog tag. Spend 2 hour in Chinatown and spent $200++. OMG… can’t be blame; we saw a shop in the market that sells grocery which is the cheapest in town. However they even sell my Matrix shampoo from USA. L Thus I buy 1 Liter Shampoo, 1 Liter Conditioner and 500gram of hair mask. Sigh… I just bought $140 RUSK hair product last week from my salon. Now matrix products after less still cost me $135 after less 20%. However it likes saving me $50 from buying in that shops rather than my salon. What I can say is I have an expensive hair. Oh ya, not forgetting the OLAY 5 pcs white radiance mask. I bought at this shop at only $14.80 and Watson is selling at $25++. Thus I was pondering where this shop got their product as it is a lot cheaper than anywhere in Singapore.

After the 2 hours shopping, I had managed to buy a miniature crystal tiara!!! So happy….

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Metro Sales @ Expo

Today I had gone to the Metro Sales @ Expo with my eldest sister. Maybe it is weekday, thus not much crowd there. However not much stuffs there or I should say it doesn’t below to my style. :)

After a 2 hour battering, I only manage to get myself a conservative swim wear which I wanted so long. I really don’t have the gut to wear my bikini to a public swimming pool. It kinda weird isn’t it?

My new swim wear only $15.90!!!

However Size M really very hard to find, however the swim wear at Sales left only size XS or S only. So sian.... Anyway I still manage to find a size M for myself. :) A chinese proverb says:" Early Bird Alway Have Things 2 Eat" :p

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Craving for Taiwan Drama

Mmmm.... recently spend so much time on watching tv. Bo pian online biz no good thus must watch TV to keep my day occupy. Anyway now I fall in love with 公主小妹. However this show only started playing in taiwan on 13/9/2007 and only 1 show playing on every Sunday. Poor me, till now only have 4 episode. Dying soon to watch the rest of 20 episode, I will really appreciate those whose can give me the links to watch the full series....

Anyway after watching this show, I'm more urge to perm my hair like Angela BUT I just cut my front so it won't turn out similar I guess. Angela so princess!!!!

I want to turn my hair into this model's hair... Hee