Monday, May 9, 2016

The Arrival of Edward Png

Very very delay in my post as too busy over the arrival of my new addition.

My pregnancy actually quite smooth compare to most people however I went tru the hardest birth labour. As I was a subsidies patient in kkwh thus those gynea given to me will always the different medical student. And when we talk about medical student meaning there weren't experience.

However normally they will accompany with a professor which make me feel calmer and more comfortable. At week 36 professor Anne told me that my baby was on the big side thus most likely I needed to be caesarean. But at week 38 that medical officer wasn't accompany with any big doctor.

So she just go ahead to arrange to put me for induce and aiming for natural birth since it was my first labour. These was where the wrong diagnosis started.

Was schedule for induce on 21st October 2015 and drag till 24th October 2015 emergency caesarean.
1st wrong diagnosis - I should be arrange for caesarean than induce.
These waste me 3 days of suffering and $ over staying inside the the hospital for 4 days and drug for using for induction.

2nd: Was charge twice for going labour ward twice.

3rd:  Suffering labour pain for 12 hours as the epidural was wrongly insert by a medical student. Best part is he still continue to add on dosage and order extra drug for me.

So by the end, I was ended for emergency caesarean and a senior doctor came in to withdraw my wrongly insert epidural and reinsert a new one.

I was very pleased with the arrival of Edward Png after the whole traumatize birth labour. Altho alot hiccup from the beginning, during or after labour. Or even Edward never get to go home with me as he was detected high level of jaunice.

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