Sunday, June 26, 2011

4th week of I-Slim & 3rd week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body UPDATES

Well I have been using I-Slim for 4 weeks, yet to finish the whole bottle. Anyway, my weight INCREASE by 2 kg! Now I'm 56.2kg! Before everything start I'm only 54kg. However now I'm having menses. I don't know how true that I will gain some weight during menses.

Regarding the 2B, arms smaller by 0.1" but as for waist remain.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

3rd week of I-Slim & 2nd week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body UPDATES

3rd week of I-Slim:
-Weight unchanged, symptom change. 1 whole week, I been farting from 12am - 2am. I understand fart is normal. Normal person will fart approximate 14 times per day. But I fart tru out the 2 hours non stop. And it is very stink and nearly suffocate myself!

Regarding 2B (1 week usage):
Actually I don't feel the hot sensation on my tummy after 3rd times of using BUT till now my arms still have the hot sensation. However plaything still the same, no change in size of my body yet.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2B Arm & Body cream

Yesterday bought a 2B Arm and Body cream which in high demand in Singapore. I went alot of Guardian and search like 3 - 4 months then got it. My advice to you is, if you see alot of stock buy at least 3 tubes. As I quite regretted when I only purchase 2 tubes furthermore now is having 20% off. Anyway partly I read from FlowerPod stated you need to use 3 tubes to complete 1 course. When this is a #1 slimming cream in Hong Kong thus give it a try. I used alot of creams before but none given me a hot sensation. It is hot and abit itchy however those below i used not even HOT at all. So hoping it did really slim my 5 months tummy and flabby arms!

Today start using, my waist is 32 inches thus will keep on monitoring and update the result.Clarins - recommended in most magazine. No effect on me too :(
Bought this in USA, not good. Nothing much happen.
Bought from Bangkok, WORST product. Very stinky, if you accidentally rub your eyes then good luck to you. Worst is it dirty your clothes. No effect!
This dump is another 1! Recommended by my sister's friend. Cost me $150, think she say is expression or what slimming company. But they change the packing. Well, it feels like Mr Johnson, it dirty clothes like Mr Johnson and best is, if you if you accidentally rub your eyes then good luck to you. Inside is GREEN in color.

Actually I did buy some REBORN wrap before. I even bought 24 rolls! But I used once, I decided to throw all. As it leak all over my body plus quite stupid. So I guess don't waste $ on that.

Week 2 of I-Slim

Well, no effect still. Everyday is like normal, remove bowel once per day. BUT unlike normal bowel, your stomach will be very very pain like going to be tru hard laboring. And the smell is very very stink. Think is kinda detox like those little babies bowel. Very STINKS

Weight now heavier, I start drinking is 54kg but now is 55.4kg. I don't know is it because I had work out and turn all my fat into muscle or what.

p/s: no side effect for I-Slim, I still able to sleep and no headache.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Having 1 week of I-Slim

Well, been taken I-Slim for a week. My weight haven't go down. The very 1st day I drank it, I feel the taste quite awful. My friend say it taste like a spoilt coconut drink. I feel it taste more like distill water. I get used of the taste after 2 days.

Also it make my throat abit painful, as the instruction stated you must drink at least 10 cup of water instead of 8 cups of water. Guess these I-Slim is abit heaty, or it need more water to detox our body. Anyway my normal water consumption is 3L per day so that isn't any issue.

I get water retention after 24hr, my foot can't even fit in any shoes. But everything normal after 48hr. There isn't any side effect on me, I can sleep no headache no diarrhea too. Everything normal which it sound unlikely to help me lose weight.

Anyway I will give 1 month chance to I-Slim.

p/s: no weight lost as of now (1 week)