Thursday, July 21, 2011

completion of single tube of 2B Alternative Body & Arm

Well I already finish 1 tube of it. Now my result is:
Waist: 31"
Arm: 10"

1 big BUT as nowsday I been eating oatmeal twice a day, cut down carbo intake (meaning half a bowl of rice during dinner) and I do 30 to 40 min of yoga thus frankly speaking I does not know what really make me slim down.

:) Anyway, I choose apply all this cream is because they can help to soften my stubborn cellulite as when you excercise some areas like these will be quite hard to shake off.

Monday, July 4, 2011

5th week of I-Slim & 4th week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body progress

Sorry for the delay of updating my slimming progress as I really not in the mood to do so as this month really a hectic month for me.

5th week of I-Slim:
Frankly I thought it is just a 1 month supply, however I still left with around 1/5 bottle, I'm pretty assure that I did not miss any dosage for this period. Regarding my weight now is 55.3kg. Slightly lower than last week as my menses causes the sudden weight gain.

However, before I use I-Slim my weight is only 54kg. You may say I eat alot but it don't even help to maintain my weight at all. Thus $129 for this I-Slim is a waste of $ spent I guess.

Thus, I should wrap up the verdict for I-Slim. It does not help me to shake off any weight. I won't spend $ to get a 2nd bottle to try anymore as there isn't any effect. Also it is really a pain to take this I-Slim.

You must really drink a cup of water with 1 full pump of I-slim before and after a meal. Thus if you plan to have meal outside, you must really bring a cup out with you. So it quite a hassle to do so, but if I-Slim work, I'm sure all of us don't mind of having such hassle right?

PS: I-Slim >>> NO EFFECT :(

4th week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body:
Waist: 32"
Arm: 10.5"


Well, although there wasn't any hot sensation in my tummy but there still will for my arms. Also my records show some deduction in " on both arms and tummy :)

I haven finish a bottle till now, thus waiting to see more good result.