Monday, July 4, 2011

5th week of I-Slim & 4th week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body progress

Sorry for the delay of updating my slimming progress as I really not in the mood to do so as this month really a hectic month for me.

5th week of I-Slim:
Frankly I thought it is just a 1 month supply, however I still left with around 1/5 bottle, I'm pretty assure that I did not miss any dosage for this period. Regarding my weight now is 55.3kg. Slightly lower than last week as my menses causes the sudden weight gain.

However, before I use I-Slim my weight is only 54kg. You may say I eat alot but it don't even help to maintain my weight at all. Thus $129 for this I-Slim is a waste of $ spent I guess.

Thus, I should wrap up the verdict for I-Slim. It does not help me to shake off any weight. I won't spend $ to get a 2nd bottle to try anymore as there isn't any effect. Also it is really a pain to take this I-Slim.

You must really drink a cup of water with 1 full pump of I-slim before and after a meal. Thus if you plan to have meal outside, you must really bring a cup out with you. So it quite a hassle to do so, but if I-Slim work, I'm sure all of us don't mind of having such hassle right?

PS: I-Slim >>> NO EFFECT :(

4th week of 2B Alternative Arm & Body:
Waist: 32"
Arm: 10.5"


Well, although there wasn't any hot sensation in my tummy but there still will for my arms. Also my records show some deduction in " on both arms and tummy :)

I haven finish a bottle till now, thus waiting to see more good result.

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