Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nameplate Accessory Fashion

After Sex and the City is showing in cinema, a lot of us been busy finding this custom make accessory.

I was lucky enough to find a Korean Selling and able to bring back only at 50% of Bits & Pieces charges.

Below are my past spree product that belong to all my spree-ers.

Please drop me your email address in the comment if you wish me to help u order. :>

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best spots to watch 2008 NDP Fireworks

Wealthy people will suggest watching NDP firework at Marina Area Hotel or Singapore Flyer!

Those naïve people will join the CROWD to watch at Shears Bridge or Esplanade or Mariana Bay/South.

The smart one will buy pop corn or spring chicken or even sea food like crab and stay tune withtheir TV to watch the whole series of NDP.

However, I still wondering where am the best spot to watch the firework…. Thus do drop comment to share with all of us k. => Thanks a million

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sennheiser PINK CX 300 – Fake vs Authentic

Yesterday I had went to Tampines Century Square. I had purchase a set of Sennheiser PINK CX 300 at only $95. However, after bringing home and realize it is fake! @$%^&*()…..!!!!

The shop locate at 4th storey and just opposite BEST [Tampines Century Square]. So BEWARE of this shop! Actually I can’t believe such thing will happened in shops of Singapore. As all shops’ tenant need to register their shop and Singapore Government is so strict over Authentic Product sold in shops.

You may wish to refer Authorised Resellers that stated in

There were 2 old salesmen inside the shop, 1 is thin and tall and the other 1 is short and plump.

The thin one had served me initially, saying proudly to me “I’m sure we are selling cheapest rate as BEST is selling at $129.90 and we only selling at $99. However I still bargain for further discount so he say the plump man whether can give discount so he say agreed to sell to me at $95.

So I bought it home happily. And test the ear piece, it was good in sound quality and just like my SONY and CREATIVE ear piece, don’t make much different to me.

However, I log on to online to check whether mine is an AUTHENIC set a not.

To my horror, mine is FAKE!!!!! However, mine only 4 areas which are wrong comparing to the website. I guess mine is AAA grade imitation! As the wrong areas are too FINE, and sound quality is not bad. But of course I don’t pay $95 for fake item! I went back for refund today and buy a new authentic set in BEST at $129.90.

Here is my experience of distinguish Authentic & Fake
German word 'Schalldruckpegel' is misspelled to 'Schalldruckpagel' where ‘Schalldruckpege’ meaning Sound pressure level and 'Schalldruckpagel' = No Such Word'

'Technical data' is truncated; it appears like 'Tech nical data'.

Fake shop’s salesman still has the cheek to tell me “It is only different packaging!”
No patches number sticker
For local set, the item should have a gold sticker stated is under 2 years warranty and check by Pantrade Electrical Pte. Ltd
Logo should be thin and clear whereas the fake ones is bold.

Websites stated the original ones should be 50cm and fake ones are 32 -34cm but I should clarify here;
Authentic: 28cm
Fake: 32cm

Warranty issue:

they will ask you to go back to them if the item spoilt as they will send to dealer on behalf for you. However there are no such things as 2 year warranty and is only valid for 1 month’s warranty!

refer to
we need to keep the receipt as a proof for 2 YEARS and send back to service center ourself if any faulty appear.

Sennheiser electronic ASIA Pte. Ltd
Address 438B Alexandra Road# 01-06/08 Alexandra Technopark Singapore 119968
Phone(+65) 6-2735202

Lastly, the fake split earphone line is needed to be tearing by consumer where real ones is given 2 separate split nicely!
I’m an super online shopping queen and always look for best offer. However, it is not worth to save $30 to buy online or private shop as I feel it is not worth to risk!Wate of time to as you need to go back and fight with them....

And also a lot of cyber stated the warranty is by “Pantech”

I wish to rectify;

The Distributor is “Pantrade” not “Pantech”
Warranty is cover by “Sennheiser” not “Pantech”

everyone told me “Sennheiser” how good and so good to owe it. But I don’t feel any different in term of sound quality compare to my Creative and Song Earphone. Bee say maybe I’m not those hardcore listener so normally buy Creative $49 will be good enough. However, I’m just paying $129.90 for a whole PINK earphone only as other brand only have the ear piece in PINK and the wire cord is not PINK. So bo pian I just pay LL to have everything PINK!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pink Electronic Cigarette vs Friendship

Recently I saw this “IN” thing inside “Cleo” August issue. However it is available in UK only. And also it is not PINK!

However I saw this sweety in pink in Australia however the seller refuse to sell to me as my location is in Singapore.

Why am I so keen;
- is free of tar and carcinogenic substances.
- It is non flammable,
- pollution free,
- safe for the environment,
- there is no lingering bad smell
- there is no risk of lung cancer or damages to others through second hand smoke.

You won’t addict and is the best way to quit SMOKING!

This is the sample I wish to buy which is in PINK

It is from Australia, thus seller refuse to sell to Singapore. Maybe because he’s afraid of troublesome or a lot of restriction to post to me as after all this is not accept in Singapore yet.I don’t know if the charge in Australia is same voltage a not. That is the only thing I worry. Seller being move by my persistency of begging him for 7 times.

Initially, I received 6 email of “NO” so I got so anxious and ask a friend [TQS] for help. I remember last week when happen he is online, he told me his company is sending him over Australia to study Civil Engineering for 3 years in 2009. However I ask him is it lonely to go there. But he replies me that all his friends and relative is there already in Australia! So I asked him for help to help me buy it and post back to me to Singapore.

Me: I remember you had told me that your friends and relatives in Australia. So can you help me to get this device as the seller don’t sell it to me. Please help….

TQS: Oh… all my friends and relatives had came back in Singapore last week!

Me: [block him from msn] I feel he is crap!!!!!! Don’t help just tell me on my face lei… You no need to give me excuse! Frankly, I really don’t wish to see you ever again when you had told me this crap! It is as good as I ask you for loan[$] and you told me you are bankrupt last night!

Infact, I ask my poly mate “Na Na” as I know she got lots of lobang one. But she told me Chris is in Australia however is busy for his practical and study and he’ll be back by end of July.
I accept this reason as I know he is really a busy person and what I need her to find is someone staying in Australia for long period of time to help and not a temporary friend to help. Anyway THANKs NANA.

What’s BEST is Wendy [best friend];
Kao!!!! She had Australian customer yet she want to approach her customer to buy thing for her lei…. !#$%^&*()

Seriously, I was stun when you say that. You’re incredible. Hey girl, you not scare your customer don’t buy thing from you huh????

Anyway, thanks for your help but no need your sacrificed! As I had just received the seller that he will find out the cost and documentation in order to sell / post to me.
Hee… so I waiting for his reply now but hopefully I manage to get this item because it is GREAT!
O not to forget to THANKs Bee for helping me asking around among you friends, keke. Thank so much to you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

All items reach TODAY!!!

Although not all had reach me but I still happy as I had waited 1 month for it.

I ask Bee to buy me this HUGE diamond ring for me to add my diamond ring collection. Although it is not diamond but I like it alot as I’m going to make it as my wedding portfolio plot. Bee can use this to propose to me again and it will appear in my wedding photo. LOL

Maybe because this HUGE Solitaire in once of the Jay’s MTV “白色风”
I got mine exactly BUT very expensive to import back however is EXCLUSIVE!!!!
It is around 10cm big if I not wrong as I never really measure it. I try wearing but end up can’t take out and got my hand scratched. It is only can see cannot use!
And I also import back a lot of “女人我最大” stuffs.
I had order total 11 kinds however only received 9 items as the rest is contain of liquid thus can’t be post back so need to wait till Wendy’s friend to bring back for me on 25th September 2008.
This is a nose up applicator, must use 10 – 15 min per day. I just try on just now, omg can’t breath at all so need to breathe through mouth instead. But it work to sharpen my nose, how true I don’t know.

Slim Face applicator, must rolled up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day. Recommended by “Li Yi Chen” it needs to use up to a few months then can see the effect. this is the only way to have small face!!!!
Face up roller; it is another face shaping roller however the different is got 1 more extra massages the underneath chin. Hee [me very ks]Must roll up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day.
Arm and leg roller; used to shape up my limbs. Must roll up and down your chin and face for 10 – 15 min per day. Don’t why isn’t in pink color!
Fringe shaper, clip on your fringe and use hair dryer to blow through the holes and achieve a nice wave fringe. Haven’t tried….. but recommended by “Yi Neng Jing”
Tight wrapping; I thought using it will shape up my leg however after reading the instruction it is actually an replacement of those “Wrap Film” as normally when you apply slimming cream, you need to wrap it with plastic “Wrap Film” however you need to throw it away after using it. So if you buy these is more economical and environment friendly as it can be reuse a lot of times but have to wash it after every use!
Tummy wrap; usage is same as above!
Get rid of the big ugly leg muscle.Above picture explain all……
usage is 3 time per day and 15 min each time. Must put all strength on the heel
Nail cover: I need it as I always smudge my nail polish when it is not dry yet. With these, I guess no more worry!

All items are origin in Japan but it is made in China. And most of this items is for sliming purpose. Hopefully I will shape up my body.

And next round I going to import more Whitening stuff.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lap Top Skin

19th July 2008

Went to see Chinese physician as I got bad cough again, however as the medical hall locate in Chinatown thus I went to buy more crystal to do my jewellery craft.

After that spent 3h hours in Funan till both my leg going to break.However it is not empty trip for me. As I manage to buy a new lap top skin for my lap top. I already change my laptop skin within 1 year. OMG what a waste of money….

But I still like the new look now! Because it is pink!
Pink plaid - it is in glittery so is different from my past lappy ‘s skin
Coincidentally the logo is my name with letter “G” I had adds on dome crystal to the crown area. I love Blink Blink!
I paste some paid inside my lappy and on the mouse area and some cute key broad sticker too. Hee….Verdict: It will make my day happier by dressing up my gadget even though I don’t bring it out of the house. Wa ha ha ha ha ha

The day I bury my “Tien Lu”

12th July 2008
Finally, I decide to bury my injure “Tien Lu” as I accidentally break the ear so I need to replace with a new pair and bury the old one.

Actually those “Feng Shui” people ask me to leave it under a tree will do, but I feel it will eventually end up in rubbish bin only. So I decide to bury them in punggol end.

Upon reaching the beach, I saw couple wearing wedding grown and suit coming out from the forest, it keep me in wondering. Why the camera man choose this kind of run down forest to take wedding portfolio.

So we head in to take a look…
The grass inside in quite tall and the sky is so blue.
Bee’s Shadow! But I guess I never taken the picture properly as I feel it don’t look like a human shadow lei…. LOL
Typical Rainforest.
Heading toward the sea…
Pollution cause by the ships

In the end, I had buried my “Tien Lu” here as to return them back to nature. I hope they like being there anf live happily ever after...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sharlene is injure!!!!

Sharlene is my second sister [Sharon’s] youngest daughter which is my niece too. Lately she had fall off from the bed while playing with her eldest sister [Simone]. At that moment Sharlene already sprain her arm, however her parent and maid didn’t notice it. Then next day, when Sharlene joined Simone is ballet class, then Sharon realize Sharlene’s arm couldn’t stretch straight.

Sharon sense that Sharlene elbow is something wrong and asked her is it pain, but my niece very stubborn so never say anything. In the end they rush her to KK. Then diagnose that Sharlene had dislocate her elbow however the x-ray picture already show it was quite a big gap le. But the doctor insist Sharlene to do casting will do, after 3 – 4 days Sharlene elbow swollen like a pig tottery. Thus rush back to KK again, BUT this time round doctor say must operation as the bone are too far apart.

Omg, Simon [Sharlene’s dad] said, he did raise this topic before Sharlene was casted. Thus why don’t operate in first place and drag till now. So somehow they are very angry with KK doctors….Today I visited my poor niece, I guess she had cried a lot that why her eye so tiny, cause normally she is very pretty with 2 big eyes and 2 dimple.She was casted again, doctor told me. Her operation is successful; they had cut her hand of 5cm wound and insert 3 tubes to pull back her bone joint. What stun me is the tube is protruding out and casted so she won’t knock and push in the tube.

What terrify me is, the 3 tubes need to be pull out from her flesh after 4 weeks. Now I do feel the pain already.
Poor Sharlene had BIG swollen eye!
Helpless in movement as she is a hyper active girl!
Simon bought this 27” Dorah balloon to cheer her up.
This is the culprit “Simone” who push Sharlene off the bed. * Joking… it is an accident anyway”
Simone haven't get ready cause she still bz digging "Gold" We very very bore till we crazy photo taking in her ward. LOL
Me and Big Dorah!
She’s happier after she had her delicious meal! MacDonald !!!!
When nurse came in, she pretend she’s not the one having MacDonald !!!! She even drink COKE!!!!
P/S: EE always love you k, please don’t be so active and kept falling down inside your ward! Wish you had a speedy recovery!