Monday, July 21, 2008

Lap Top Skin

19th July 2008

Went to see Chinese physician as I got bad cough again, however as the medical hall locate in Chinatown thus I went to buy more crystal to do my jewellery craft.

After that spent 3h hours in Funan till both my leg going to break.However it is not empty trip for me. As I manage to buy a new lap top skin for my lap top. I already change my laptop skin within 1 year. OMG what a waste of money….

But I still like the new look now! Because it is pink!
Pink plaid - it is in glittery so is different from my past lappy ‘s skin
Coincidentally the logo is my name with letter “G” I had adds on dome crystal to the crown area. I love Blink Blink!
I paste some paid inside my lappy and on the mouse area and some cute key broad sticker too. Hee….Verdict: It will make my day happier by dressing up my gadget even though I don’t bring it out of the house. Wa ha ha ha ha ha

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