Monday, July 21, 2008

The day I bury my “Tien Lu”

12th July 2008
Finally, I decide to bury my injure “Tien Lu” as I accidentally break the ear so I need to replace with a new pair and bury the old one.

Actually those “Feng Shui” people ask me to leave it under a tree will do, but I feel it will eventually end up in rubbish bin only. So I decide to bury them in punggol end.

Upon reaching the beach, I saw couple wearing wedding grown and suit coming out from the forest, it keep me in wondering. Why the camera man choose this kind of run down forest to take wedding portfolio.

So we head in to take a look…
The grass inside in quite tall and the sky is so blue.
Bee’s Shadow! But I guess I never taken the picture properly as I feel it don’t look like a human shadow lei…. LOL
Typical Rainforest.
Heading toward the sea…
Pollution cause by the ships

In the end, I had buried my “Tien Lu” here as to return them back to nature. I hope they like being there anf live happily ever after...

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