Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sharlene is injure!!!!

Sharlene is my second sister [Sharon’s] youngest daughter which is my niece too. Lately she had fall off from the bed while playing with her eldest sister [Simone]. At that moment Sharlene already sprain her arm, however her parent and maid didn’t notice it. Then next day, when Sharlene joined Simone is ballet class, then Sharon realize Sharlene’s arm couldn’t stretch straight.

Sharon sense that Sharlene elbow is something wrong and asked her is it pain, but my niece very stubborn so never say anything. In the end they rush her to KK. Then diagnose that Sharlene had dislocate her elbow however the x-ray picture already show it was quite a big gap le. But the doctor insist Sharlene to do casting will do, after 3 – 4 days Sharlene elbow swollen like a pig tottery. Thus rush back to KK again, BUT this time round doctor say must operation as the bone are too far apart.

Omg, Simon [Sharlene’s dad] said, he did raise this topic before Sharlene was casted. Thus why don’t operate in first place and drag till now. So somehow they are very angry with KK doctors….Today I visited my poor niece, I guess she had cried a lot that why her eye so tiny, cause normally she is very pretty with 2 big eyes and 2 dimple.She was casted again, doctor told me. Her operation is successful; they had cut her hand of 5cm wound and insert 3 tubes to pull back her bone joint. What stun me is the tube is protruding out and casted so she won’t knock and push in the tube.

What terrify me is, the 3 tubes need to be pull out from her flesh after 4 weeks. Now I do feel the pain already.
Poor Sharlene had BIG swollen eye!
Helpless in movement as she is a hyper active girl!
Simon bought this 27” Dorah balloon to cheer her up.
This is the culprit “Simone” who push Sharlene off the bed. * Joking… it is an accident anyway”
Simone haven't get ready cause she still bz digging "Gold" We very very bore till we crazy photo taking in her ward. LOL
Me and Big Dorah!
She’s happier after she had her delicious meal! MacDonald !!!!
When nurse came in, she pretend she’s not the one having MacDonald !!!! She even drink COKE!!!!
P/S: EE always love you k, please don’t be so active and kept falling down inside your ward! Wish you had a speedy recovery!

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