Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My ideal kitchen - PINK part 1

Well, now I already start to purchase items for my Singapore NEW flat. Any my ideal kitchen is to be in PINK, white & Silver. Sound abit like barbie however it can turn out to be true!
Perspective drawing of my future kitchen

Who say it can't be true as someone already did that before me. Thus I wish I will have a PINK kitchen too! Ha Ha
My 1st Pink set of kitchenware - Pink
8 pcs pots & sauce pans in PINK retail price $119usd
5 pcs Utensil Set in PINK

Pink kitchen scissor - Retail price $14.99usd

Currently I only able to find these items, now I still haven't buy the rest of the things like:
Pink Kettle x 2
Pink Knife x 2
Pink chopping broad x 2
Pink Whisk
Pink Plates & Bowl
even the fridge & oven can be PINK too.
Anyway I wish I can fullfill my dream and make my kitchen in PINK so I had the mood of cooking. Heee

Monday, April 27, 2009

Face it & not avoid it

Today I came across this conversation with a friend. However I strongly disagreed how he settle thing. If one day you had been malign in a company, all arrows turn toward you.

1) Will you accept all the misleading conclusions and told your close one you had been suffering so much and blame others?

2)Suffer quietly and choose not to voice out as you scare you'll be suffer more if you state the truth fact?

3)Voice up bravely and your superior will get to know the real story and you'll get good testimonial at end of the year.

Well, he chose 1 & 2. Maybe I get work up and make the atmosphere very tense up but you had to settle thing firmly without thinking so much. Choosing a correct path is very important for you own future, not saying out is only destroying your own future with YOUR OWN HAND.

No matter is private company or government sector, no matter where you are you still will face this same old problem 1 day UNLESS you're the BOSS! Then I got no say but everything happen for a reasons.

This same problem will kept hunting you if you're behaving these way. Changing/ quitting job won't change any different.

The only best solution is to think "Is that what you want for the rest of your life?" I know it might be hard if you voice up and the rest will sabotage you more but if you are BRAVE enough to speak up for yourself then I don't think anyone will try to arrow you ever again! At least you try to voice up before you quit. At least you try!

But what I see is you choose suffering alone and never try HARD ENOUGH! Maybe you'll feel I'm not fit to write but I can tell you that everyone been thru this kind of SUCK thing including ME! So please be STRONG and not pathetic yourself!

P/S: To whom it may concern, anyway write these out of my inspiration!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy day

Today I was very happy as I manage to change my black wallet into the latest stock - Lavender colour. The color was so sweet.
I also visited Marshall today and bought a Big Pony polo raplh shirt for bee. However it was too big and need to make an exchange with the store tomorrow. However today size small only left 1 qty. Hoping when I go tomorrow it is still there!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A card from Simone

Today I had recieve a card from my niece Simone It really cheer up my day when I recieved mail from Singapore rather than email...

I guess she is drawing herself. So cute
She already know how to write so well

Hee... my comb broken so ask jie jie help me to buy some. However when I recieved this mail, the envelope was torn!

Friday, April 24, 2009

La Vegas Excercise

Today is the 8th day that Bee gone to base excercise. So I was left at home alone and still need to wait for 9 more days then he'll be back. However today he told me that excercise might be extend which make me so sad till I had night mare even I was taking an afternoon nap. I miss him so much, can't wait any longer for him to be back.

Below are pictures that he had taken in La Vegas. They reach 2 days earlier than the rest thus they still have bit of time to walk around during the 1st day.

Shopping centre in La Vegas street: too bad I wasn't there as so long I had never see high rise building. To me this picture look like another shenton way in Singapore. Me miss Singapore too.
Bee never forget to take picture of my favourite shop :p Seen like no different from Tucson branch.
Another angle in La Vegas street
This is La Vegas oulets where a place that consist of many BRANDED factory outlet. You can get very great deal here. Anyway branded here already much more cheaper than in Singapore.
OMG I never seen a Juicy Couture shop before and this one is a factory outlet!!! Bee said the interior of the store is all in PINK. How I wish I was there with him.
Levis jean - Singapore had red loop and USA had RED. anyway he taken all this pictures to let me see how special there were. There are all men levis jean. There are so unique in the pockets.

Hope Bee can come back quickly.... Miss you so much or should I say I miss you BADLY. Do drink lotsa of water as weather now turn so HOT & DRY.

My life in USA

This blog entry is really absurd, so for thoses who don't have time please don't read because this blog entry is only for my bff Wendy. Just to report to here what did I actually buy here.
I play wii almost everyday, my favourite game is "Cooking Mama" and also you might relize this is the 4th tv I change. This should be the last I change. This one is Samsung 32" LCD HD tv 2009 serie which just release to the market. The previous 3 I change as I don't like the outlook.
Sweets in USA have alot of variety, even M & M got such nice color. Yummy too
My new 28" PINK luggage. Prints inspire by Gucci
Don't envy me k.... This luggage is special as it is design to be light weight.
My new straw bag la, I take picture with my giant care bear because you kept saying my bag small till I fustrated.
Use online picture as it is the same thing just in white color instead of navy.
Come in 3 pieces... Don't drool 1st bag that I had bought in USA. Till now haven't used it!

I won't update any COACH bag I own as I already write it before. Past coach entry > click HERE

I'm a Abercrombie & Hollister freak. Anyway alot still have price tag because too many clothes to wear plus last few monthes is Winter. So Spring just came which I can start wearing.
Hollister Kaki Los Trancos Mini
Hollister White Los Trancos Mini
Hollister Pink Los Trancos Mini
Hollister White strips Los Trancos Mini with Long sleeve cotton top
Hollister white flare mini
Abercrombie Navy Talyor Mini
White Kerry Short
Both are Jennifer Lopaz parfum: Right is Luxe Live, Left is Live
Different is the smell.... Heee anyway at first I buy the left one which is wrong right one is the one I wish to buy initially. Anyway now I love the left one instead :p
My pink tennie racket and pink tennise ball. Anyway I haven't got the chance to use it. Will find 1 fine day to go my tennis court to play.
In order to force me go gym, Bee buy me so many dri fit. All are by NIKE and Addias.
Sport bra....

Below is only the only polo ralph socks I've own, as some had gone washing. The pictures below jus shown those I haven't wear :(
Knitted Wool Sock
Big horse cotton sock
small horse cotton sock Crocs winter boots for 2009 winter, bought it during clearance sales
Roxy Flip Flock, haven't worn it :( buy it for me to walk to my swimming pool only. :p
Polo Ralph Leather court shoe for tennis game
Teva tracking shoe for hiking
Asics running shoe for me to go gym
Dockers mary jane for normal out.

Below is what I normally wear at home:
AĆ©ropostale fleece jacket and sleeping pant, bought this during winter
All tees are under ROXY, home clothes

Well, now I so scare Bee read this entry. He sure very heart pain that I spend him so much $$$ Die la, Wendy you happy hor.... I sure die when he came back from excercise.

Some Polo Ralph Apparels will be update next time because still in shopping bag. Too busy to pack. :(
Wendy hope you're happy liao!

Everything in PINK

Well, what different with USA and Singapore is wine is very cheap here whereas Singapore got too much taxes which make the wine so expensive.

I can easily find anything in PINK even wine. Singapore have only white or red wine.
Pink wine delight: It is only $3usd per bottle
Anyway it taste like white wine till
Accompany by seafood, white wine, olive, spaghetti which cook by ME!!!!