Monday, April 27, 2009

Face it & not avoid it

Today I came across this conversation with a friend. However I strongly disagreed how he settle thing. If one day you had been malign in a company, all arrows turn toward you.

1) Will you accept all the misleading conclusions and told your close one you had been suffering so much and blame others?

2)Suffer quietly and choose not to voice out as you scare you'll be suffer more if you state the truth fact?

3)Voice up bravely and your superior will get to know the real story and you'll get good testimonial at end of the year.

Well, he chose 1 & 2. Maybe I get work up and make the atmosphere very tense up but you had to settle thing firmly without thinking so much. Choosing a correct path is very important for you own future, not saying out is only destroying your own future with YOUR OWN HAND.

No matter is private company or government sector, no matter where you are you still will face this same old problem 1 day UNLESS you're the BOSS! Then I got no say but everything happen for a reasons.

This same problem will kept hunting you if you're behaving these way. Changing/ quitting job won't change any different.

The only best solution is to think "Is that what you want for the rest of your life?" I know it might be hard if you voice up and the rest will sabotage you more but if you are BRAVE enough to speak up for yourself then I don't think anyone will try to arrow you ever again! At least you try to voice up before you quit. At least you try!

But what I see is you choose suffering alone and never try HARD ENOUGH! Maybe you'll feel I'm not fit to write but I can tell you that everyone been thru this kind of SUCK thing including ME! So please be STRONG and not pathetic yourself!

P/S: To whom it may concern, anyway write these out of my inspiration!

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