Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jay The Era 2010 World Tour Concert Merchanise

Sigh, being a fan of Jay Chou I waited so long for this concert BUT I'm in USA currently thus it is so pity I can't turn up for his concert.
However I had received my Jay Robot Set today which cheer me up a little. :)
Got to know from the taiwan merchanise have this robot set which is world wide 5000 sets limited edition. It is the 10 anniversay set. Just wind it at the side, and they will go marching. :D

It come in a very Glamours Gift Box. *Bling Bling*
Gold stand for the past, Pink stand for the present and Silver stand for the future.
All sets have it own serial number. Erm... but I don't know how come mine so front since it is from Singapore and not Taiwan. Mine stated is nos "14" cool right.

Hopefully this round Jay will have concert in USA before December 2010. As I be leaving here soon. (-_-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Sigh

Long time never write blog. Something that make me wonder. It always don't turn out what we want or what we expected. It always not the case. What are friends are for? I really don't know. Someone out there, enlighten me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!