Sunday, May 29, 2011

Slimming Process - trying out i-slim

Well, wedding date already confirm on 30th October 2011. But I still over weight, and overall fattening. I always had problem in sleeping, in 2006 I had suffer from depression. After 2 year of anti-depressant, I had gain weight in 2008. I was 42kg till 52kg and now I'm 54kg with the height of 158cm.

Anyway, I had been exercise regularly for the past 2 years. However my weight only go down to 48kg. I guess is due to I still consuming sleeping pills and been eating junk.

Coming back to Singapore make my diet worst. I been eating non stop! Maybe due to quit too much things at 1 go. Anyway, I still exercise but I only left 5 months thus I 'm going to give I-Slim a try.

From 29th May 2011, 1st day weight: 54kg
Getting I-slim was so difficult. I went to Tampines and Boon Lay and Harbourfront watson and gurdian. It was all SOLD OUT. So I manage to get this pack from Vivo Watson. I bought it at $119sgd.
For these listed item was so tempting, having slim down with radiant skin!?!?!? I get to know somehow when you start exercise regularly, your body get tone up. But due to gravity, and perspiration. Your skin still look drain and sagging.
What's best is, you no need to go on diet.
It come in a big bottle of 200ml, which last you 1 month only.
Came with this pump. As instruction stated you need to drip 1 full pump to a glass of water before your meal and the same after a meal.

p/s: this is not a advertisement, I'm not pay to do this report thus I will report progressively and honestly. Hoping it work, the box stated no side effect so give it a try.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Photo

Finally, we had sign our wedding package with Yvonne Creative. I like the way they presentating to me, not aggressive at all. They listen and fit our needs. Hopefully it turn out well.

I taken this gown pictures from their relevant webpage. Hoping I manage to try on these pretty gown.

So princess... Today I had met Yvonne, a very nice person and kept hugging me. :) love her so much. I should say 每个女人的心里都住着个小女生. Yvonne designs had present out our little girl's dream and turn it into reality!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Bell

Well these was rather a hectic week for me. Busy over finding wedding auspicious date and finally we came out with 25th September 2011 and 30th October 2011.

However the time is abit rushing thus very very hard for me to get a venue! However we are settling at Ban Heng Pavilion. It all happen there's a couple post pone their date and we slot ourself in!

Now then I realize so much wedding happen falling on September - December. It was the peak period. Anyway this is our 1st time of marriage thus it normal we don't know.

Well now is a perk period meaning we are having hard time to find pre wedding studio!!! sigh... very rush... We haven't even notify our friends for the house warming session on 28th May 2011

busy busy busy
Well, just chosen my wedding card, simple and elegant.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inconsiderate neighbour!

27th April 2011 - cigarette butt
6th May 2011 - Unfinished packet green tea
9th May 2011 - An raw egg

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wall DECAL in Our House

Ha, moved here almost 1 week. I see alot progress in my house. Got aaddicted in the wall decal recently.
1st atttempt in pasting the kitchen wall. Alot bubbles however as long as it is straight I'm ok.

Pasted this velvet sticker to hidden the joining line of the mirror. It was a full height mirror in order to make my hall way look longer. However contractor unable to provide a full height mirror due to some safety percaution, hence my full height mirror become 2 segment. LOLX

Biggest effort, this is place in my living room wall. These wall decal is taller than me. Spent me 3 hours to install it. However effect worth it!