Friday, August 28, 2009

MVP valentine in 2002

This is 1 of my favourite tw drama, watched it during 2nd year of poly and I remember I used 3 days of CNY to completed it! However when I reached USA and Chanel happen to tell me that is not the real ending. I stun!!!!!! Until yr 2009 then I get to know the ending is different!

Anglea Zhang[小希] never with 段臣风 and in the end Tony Sun [太子] died for the sake of Anglea Zhang[小希]. 1 life change 1 life ?!?!

Sigh.... then Channel told me only preorder the vcd then got these episode. Win Liao Lo...

Below is the different MVP valentine's ending. But according to what he say is just an mtv which tell the different ending only. How true I not sure.

End of the mv state: "天地下没有我太子做不到的事"
Feel so depressed after watching it, I rewatched this drama and watched the ending yesterday. Compare to the last episode and this mv, it really have some link cause 王绍伟 is a doctor in last episode and he is the doctor for these mv too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

USA collectable A Dollar Gold Coin

Yesterday Bee went to the bank to bank a cheque however he saw these gold coin in the bank thus he manage to change 2 of them. Mine is only 2008 version thus not much value.

I had some search in ebay, these coin come in different generation and with different president face on it. Their value are vary to hundreds....

Well quite happy I had 2 for my collection as alot don't know that USA had $1 gold coin like singapore. They don't use it in purchasing but normally is given/ pass down to them by their grandparent.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I realise these one is funny:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BlinQ vs Kitchenaid {Pink}

Well, recently came across this brand call BlinQ. It had a serie of sweet pink kitchen item. I been collecting all Pink KitchenAid items all this while BUT when I saw BlinQ. I totally fall in love with it.

Below is my hubby recently purchase, Yes all the items is bought by him instead of me!!!!

10 pcs cookware set:
10" nonstick fry pan
1.5 QT covered saucepan
3.0 QT covered saute pan
All-purpose steamer insert
8.0 QT covered stockpot

Prep Bowl
A stainless steel bowl with a silicone lid that doubles as a stable, non-slip base and a convenient spoon rest. 50 QT bowl

Whistling kettle
Clean lines and understated stanless steel create a stylish kettle that adds color to your kitchen 2.5QT
Cutting Board
Professional grade, double-side cutting board with silicone handles that prevent slipping and scratching as you chop, cut and slice. 11" x 15"

2-pc. Set Trivet
Well all above items are bought from ROSS thus the price is really very very CHEAP. :D guess I'll be visiting more Ross nowsaday!!! Still got alot items haven collect finish...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

SICK again

I suffer from lung infection during 11th July 2009, given 10 days dose of anitibotic. Fever subsided but the cough get worsen and drag till now.

Today visit the doctor again, xray stated that my lung is clear. And this cough is new sickness nothing to do with my lung infection. @_@ but I been coughing for 1 month....

Anyway new med was given to me:
Cough syrup to be taken at night time.
Pill to be taken during day time.
Stun when I saw the pill, it look like those bracelet crystal beads. :D Anyway it don't stop me from coughing but it numb my whole throat so at least when I cough hard my throat won't be in so much pain.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Tho I'm in USA however I miss the celebration in Singapore now!!!!! The city should be in RED & WHITE now, everyone is with their beloved family. :( Miss my country my family & friends.
Had heard the 2009 national theme song for Singapore. It impress me, heavy bass and it's ROCK!
All the best to Singapore!

Our 2009 Singapore theme song "What do you see"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Super Junior-Sorry Sorry

Saw this mv, their dance is quite interesting. Ke Ke :D

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Las Vegas trip - Day 3

This clip is capture by us, BIKINI fashion show