Monday, December 10, 2007

Sick Package

10th December 2007 Monday

Rainy day again…. However I like rainy so much but I always get sick this season as my lung can’t take the cold weather. M… when I was young I always like to wear a raincoat to play in the rain but no matter I beg mum to buy me a rain boot she won’t agreed. Thus till now I still dreamt of owning a pair of rain boot. I still dare to wear it as it is a fashion in Tokyo now.

But I had a difficulty as I don’t how to write Chinese email thus no way can I bought this pair from Taiwan auction le. :( You can say me naive or silly, but this is my childhood dream which I keen to fullfilled. I'm a romantic gal who alway do those unrealistic dream however friends around me will always find me innocent and not polluted by this busy world.

A lot of my friends and my family wondering how many clutch bag I had as they always see me buying it. Haha you can see yourself then.

9th December 2007 Sunday
Today is Nick’s nephew full month celebration. I can say I’m sicker than before, after the lunch buffet I went to guardian pharmacy to purchase Actifed cough syrup and block & running nose pills and Fluimucil A 600 for my phlegm and it cost me $30.10 which is like seeing a doctor to me.

Thus now I’m eating Chinese and English medicine together hoping I can get well by 13/12/2007. As I got a crown installation appointment on 13/12/2007 thus I must get well by then.

8th December 2007 Saturday
I had gone to Chinese physician to see doctor again. I guess my flu always come in a package. Why package??? Answer: Because Sore throat 1st, flu, fevers, cough and lose voice. It always was this way ever since I’m on this earth. Sick for a week le. Gone metro as today got storewide 20% off but only buy a baby gift set for his nephew Kelvin. After that we head to Changi Terminal 3 open hours, it is very sian as every store is not open yet. Thus is kinda waste of time and $ furthermore we ride bike there with heavy rain.

4th December 2007 Tuesday
Although he was sick, we still meet in the market to eat our 1st meal of the day “wanton noodle”
Then we headed to Sim Lim area to purchase our MHR helmet. Finally we had bought the helmets as we had bought nothing from “Ah Boy” shop as it is too expensive le. And their attitude is not as good as in the past. We got a different price quote for the same helmet model from 2 different sales person in “ah boy”. Sign… I feel they are black market open price, it is not as stated the cheapest helmet in Singapore le!!!!

And after the helmet we headed to Sim Lim square to buy my LG DVD rewritable, as I didn’t own 1 at all. So decided to buy 1 so I can watch dvd too. J And I manage to buy a pair of URS satin bow heel for my Friday’s dinner.

3rd December 2007 Monday
Bee and me go polyclinic to see doctor as I was with block nose and sore throat however Bee had cough for 3 months thus the doctor had given him a letter to TTSH to see specialist.

Not only that, he was given a 2 days MC. But once we finish the consultation is already 2pm lo. But once I got home my flu got worst, guess I being spread by the patients there.

2nd December 2007 Sunday
I had gone to Suntec City watch my 2nd RA movie “Heart Break Kid” It is a comedy movie afterall. Verdict: Very Funny and Nice. After the show I saw these recycle Christmas Tree Contest. It surprises me as I really don’t know the recycle x’mas tree is so attractive and all the contestant is FEMALE.

Made of waste paper strips

Made of straws

Made of metal can
This is my favorite: Made of egg tray
Made up of Boxes
Made up of Magazine "Faces"
I Don't what is it make up of. hee
1st December 2007 Saturday
I had gone to the IT show today with Bee instead of tomorrow as Bee is going for the Standard Charter Marathon Run tomorrow thus we decide to go today. However he bought me a 22” LG Monitor.

Once home, he set up for me. OMG it is like a monster to me, as when the monitor fit in my computer desk. It totally took up all the space. Too BIG for me le. :(