Monday, May 25, 2015

1st trimester of my pregnancy + bumps

I will continue from my IVF journey. Normally a women could encounter increase in weight during the about coming menses time and subside after day 3 of menses. Thus there wasn’t exception for me. Before IVF my menses was here on its own accord not by medicine induce. Before menses I was around 50kg and upon during menses period my weight was 50.8kg and it did drop back to 50kg during day 3 of menses however my 1st IVF jab was on the 3rd day of menses and the weight stay at 50.8kg till embryo transfer.

As I mention before right after embryo transfer I been fever for 36 hours, after that I been consuming a lot a lot of food. Even my hubby got a shock of the way I ate. But that only last about 6 weeks. I don’t have any morning sickness but I do feel nauseous if I smell fish or after I cooked. Thus my 1st trimester we mostly eat out. I was suffering from a lot of gastric pain maybe 6 times daily. After the 2ww, I ate 6 to 9 meals daily mainly because I really had a lot of gastric pain and my meals are relatively small. So I will get hungry real fast.

I was then prescribed with Dydrogesterone 10mg and Folic Acid 5mg till 12 weeks. Weight wise I total gained 1.2kg [counted from the day of embryo transfer] but my body change especially my breast as it upgrade from 33 to 34”

I was mainly fatigue. I always sleep straight for 8 – 9hours. Turn in by 12am and wake up at 8 or 9am. I could have 2 napping during the day time. Starting off like 30 min to 40 min and later part is 1 hour to 2 hours. I unable to sit long so I spent most of my time lying on my bed. I feel very restless unable to focus anything, I lost interest in everything include watching my favourite tw drama. I didn’t do any online listing too. My 1st trimester was just sleep and start in the blank. My craving for 

1st trimester was POTATOES, I ate everything that is made from potatoes. Things like water boil potatoes, potatoes salad, fries, whip potatoes, bake potatoes or potatoes chip.
1st 4 weeks I consume a lot of beef. And the 2nd month I consume a lot chicken breast. I suddenly dislike plain water so I get a lot of Ribena and Milo.  

Foods I disliked at these period: rice, instant noodle, vegetable, titbits and fish!

 that was my 1st bump outbreak during 9 weeks

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Free Singapore Samples for parent

As these was my first time being a mum thus I wish to get everything correct in the first place. And I do not know which brand my baby suitable in thus getting free sample before hand is a mandatory task.

Sharing with all of you :)

Milk for pregnant/lactating mothers:



Kao Merries:
Fitti / Pet Pet: Contact 6861 9155 or email
MamyPoko: 6265 1648

SG50 Special:

Great Eastern:
POSB Bank:
Mother Care:

Most samples will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
*Please email me if there is any company giving out samples for little ones or parents!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

IVF Journey: 2ww [actually for kkh is 17 days wait slightly more than 2 weeks]

A lot say that the 2ww is the most torturing longest wait ever. However not the case to me as I spent 48 hours on bed rest due to my high fever right after my embryo transfer. Also I feel fatigue all the times thus I really did sleep a lot tru out that 2ww plus Chinese New Year is coming making me busier to think about the result.

No temptation of trying to pee on the kit as I got too much disappointment during the past 16 months of treatment. I never did get a big PLUS in the past. Thus I better leave it to the blood test on the day 17.

The day had arrive but I don’t feel good at all because I kept having a lot of abdominal cramp, is like menses is coming any minute so feel no good hope and went to kkh for the blood test very early in the morning at 8am.

After that went to Chinatown to have my breakfast, around 930am kkh called and the nurse congratulate me and request me of going back to get my medicine and so on. Was really overjoyed and continue to enjoy my breakfast after that.

After the entire errand, we went back to kkh and get medicine. This round was prescribed with oral hormone pill instead of virginal insert.  My blood test result was 800+ in hcg thus I guess quite low chance of having a twin for this round. Nerveless we will still happy about it.

However having silly act, I went home and tested on the kit and got a fainted double lines. Yeah!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Battle: IVF Journey - Day 18 Embryo Transfer

I always can't hold a full bladder for long. But this process required a full bladder inorder to proceed. However Dr Tan HH was late for 45min due to he was still having his breakfast.

I was with full bladder since 8am and the procedure only started at 9.12am instead. Dr Tan stated I got 8 good embryo fertilize out of 13 egg. So he was going to transfer 2 qty of day 2 4 cells embryo into my uterus.

I guess grade 4 is consider good to a day 2 embryo thus hoping you grown strong and healthy with me okay. Meanwhile I will continue my Folic Acid and was prescribed Utrogestan 100mg

This medicine is to insert thrice daily. 8am, 3pm and 12pm If I didn't remember wrongly.

At 4pm: I start having muscle aching and high fever 39.4 degree thus we waited till 11pm then we decided to go O & G clinic however was rejected by them as I just done my IVF so I can't have any other medication except normal pain killer. So we went home and wait till next morning to contact ivf department.

However their reply was negative and mine wasn't a surgery fever as it don't come with muscle aching thus I guess I got it in kkh as there were alot of sick patient. Nonetheless I was on high fever for 48 hour and leave me in despair not knowing is my embryo still alive???