Thursday, May 7, 2015

Last Battle: IVF Journey - Day 18 Embryo Transfer

I always can't hold a full bladder for long. But this process required a full bladder inorder to proceed. However Dr Tan HH was late for 45min due to he was still having his breakfast.

I was with full bladder since 8am and the procedure only started at 9.12am instead. Dr Tan stated I got 8 good embryo fertilize out of 13 egg. So he was going to transfer 2 qty of day 2 4 cells embryo into my uterus.

I guess grade 4 is consider good to a day 2 embryo thus hoping you grown strong and healthy with me okay. Meanwhile I will continue my Folic Acid and was prescribed Utrogestan 100mg

This medicine is to insert thrice daily. 8am, 3pm and 12pm If I didn't remember wrongly.

At 4pm: I start having muscle aching and high fever 39.4 degree thus we waited till 11pm then we decided to go O & G clinic however was rejected by them as I just done my IVF so I can't have any other medication except normal pain killer. So we went home and wait till next morning to contact ivf department.

However their reply was negative and mine wasn't a surgery fever as it don't come with muscle aching thus I guess I got it in kkh as there were alot of sick patient. Nonetheless I was on high fever for 48 hour and leave me in despair not knowing is my embryo still alive???

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