Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mohamed Sultan

29/8/2008 Friday

I finally completed Henderson Bridge! However with a little help of alcohol. :p
As usual we like to visit quiet places to chill [of course will bring along some finger foods and beers], thus this time I picked Henderson Bridge again as I didn’t complete it last time.

After finishing our chicken wings and beer at Telok Blangah Park and Mount Faber, we headed to boat quay as we realize it had been ages ever since we last went there. It was crowded and the whole street is covered with “Ah Moh” feels like I’m in America.

Then we decided to go Clarke quay but no place for motor parking lots at that timing so need to park at Mohamed Sultan. To my shocked, the whole street is empty and quiet compared to 1 year ago.

My last visit Mohamed Sultan is a year back. That time the whole street is still crowed. And it is the famous night clubbing street, however I don’t since when all the night clubs closed down. And now only left with O bar and Double O only.

Crowds that it used to be
Long queue when it is suppose to be
Now…. So empty
Even the famous Madam Wong had close down.

I got no ideal why is it all the pubs closed down, however Bee say maybe is due to the heavy taxed of liquored and alcohol by our government thus a lot of the pubs wouldn’t’ sustained.

Anyway, I pass by my favorites “Ba Gu Tek” along Mohamed Sultan so needless to say, SEAT DOWN AND EAT! (@_@)

After finished the heavy supper, we headed down the Clarke Quay. So the same area we queued for the Nike Race Kit is actually a Night Clubbing Space.
Well, came across a bar that caught my eye.
I saw lotza drink from this drip. I guess it should be filled with cocktail.

Very innovative right to come out this ideal, however this unique bar call “The Clinic” located at Block C. I wanted to invited my friends to visit this CLINIC!!!!

Sigh…. Guess I really ages and haven been out from my house for a long period, however those clubs and pubs in Clarke Quay is very new to me as I thought it is those same clubs and pubs from Mohamed Sultan.

Well it is really havoc in Clarke Quay….. Finished the whole night trip at 2.30am

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

蕭煌奇 vs 林宥嘉

I guess there’s a hit in 2005 when Singapore organizes a voting variety show call Super Star!

And the winner turns out to be a blind person.

Chen Wei Lian got First in 2005 Supper Star!

Lately, I heard this song 你是我的眼 from 3 different Taiwan show in July 2008. But the version I heard it from is sang by 林宥嘉 from 超級星光大道.
超級星光大道 is another Taiwan version of Supper Star.

After hearing thrice from林宥嘉, then I began to wonder… why the lyric go like this; “眼前的黑不是黑 你說的白是什麼白” then I start to research it then I realize this song is sang by another blind in Taiwan call 蕭煌奇. As it is sang by a BLIND, so the song descride that the "Black we see is not the real Black as only blind live in darkness world so they know what is the real black color like!" " He won't understand the white we mention is what kind of white cause their live had never been a slight of light before!"

Thus this songs is really really very touch as he sang out the heart of being a Blind!

This is 蕭煌奇

I had notice him before his album is release in Singapore. However he is handsome, but Bee say no… What the matter with you man, I mean being compared to Wei Lian, he is more handsome right. You can’t compare him with a normal person which able to look into the mirror and ensure their appearance is great~ Bee you no sense la!!!
Lastly, this is the original singer of this song; listen carefully and I hope it touch your heart.

Verdict: sorry to say I still like 林宥嘉 version.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Nike Human Race Collection Kit

Yesterday, I had accompanied Bee to go Clarke Quay to collect his Nike Human Race kit.
However I nearly faint when I saw such LONG queue….

I’m not exaggerated; it is really very LONG as I took very long then reaches the queue starting point. Luckily he saw a friend which is in the middle of the queue so we “lobang” him to collect instead.

Bee’s friend already queues 1 hour and only moves 5metres of the queue. Anyway we went to Liang Court to explore the new renovation and any new shops open… But most of the building is still under renovation. However the new renovated structured is very nice and attractive.

After 1 hour of shopping in Liang Court, we head back to his friend to take over him as his friend is hungry le.

Everyone is asking: “how come this race is so expensive $48+ yet queue so long?” Well…. It is unlike Standard Charter Race. As they open a lot of counters and more systematic compare to this “Nike Race”!

The queue is getting longer instead of shorter….
This board is not accurate; as a lot of them is not collecting 1 kit only and infact some id collecting 10 or more pack! 45min is only base on 1 person collection of 1 kit!
So much crowds yet only got 10 collections Counter. Somemore is raining, thus should expect less people heading for collection.

Pathetic! Well hoping that they will done a better job next round as to collect this running kit need nearly 6 – 7 hours~

Henderson Waves

After viewing the launch of the Southern Ridges on one of the variety show on channel U, I felt an inner voice telling me to visit those hills one fine day. Stretching across from Alexandra Road (Gillman area) to Telok Blangah Park and Mount Faber, there were three new linkways stretching 1.3 km long which range in height from three to 18 meters high.
This is the beginning point of the brigde when you reaches the top of Hort Park. The highest point is 36 meters above Henderson Road, Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore. It was built to connect the two hills of Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill.
The bridge has a unique wave-form made up of seven undulating curved steel “ribs” that alternately rise over and under its deck. The curved “ribs” form alcoves that function as shelters with seats within.
Slats of yellow balau wood, an all-weather timber found in South-East Asia, are used in the decking. Look out for carvings on the slats marking the height you are at on various points along the bridge.
The wave-forms will be lit with attractive LED light from 7pm to 2am daily, giving the bridge an illuminative glow.
Finally, I had visited this bridge last Friday but sad to say I didn’t complete the bridge. I had to stop at the beginning point as I had height phobia. What a waste… the night scenery was really nice and good ambient to have a romantic dating there too.

Night view of north-eastern Singapore from Henderson Waves.

I promise myself I will pick up my courage to finish that whole bridge 1 day as it is really a spectacular view from Henderson Waves in spite of missing that night view on the 1st visit.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Angela Zhang 张韶涵

Who is she???
I guess she is quite famous already....
I know her from the Taiwan drama “MVP Valentine” in 2002.

I never knew she can sing so well at that time.

I can’t deny that she is pretty and sang well however I saw her concert which is not what I expected. She didn’t do so well for her concert in 2008!

Angela Chang was born in Taiwan.
Her family immigrated to Canada when she was 12. Chang is the eldest child in her family and has a sister and a brother.
She attended many singing contests when she lived in Canada. At the "Rothenacker Village Festival" singing contest "BBC Star," Chang won first place by singing Chang Yusheng's popular song "The Days Without Smoking (没有抽煙的日子)".
She was offered the chance to go to Taiwan for the final, which she did not attend due to school commitments.
Chang started her career after she graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in 2000.
Her first language is Mandarin Chinese, but she is also fluent in English.

The most important is she is born in 1982 19thJanuary.

A very nice MV to share with all. Ans infact I suddenly love this song...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Singapore CLEO August 2008 issue

I read this article on Singapore CLEO August 2008 page 166It advise us to get electronic cigarette instead and how great it is. However, recently I beg a seller from Australia to get this device from

So I already blog about these recently how I beg him to sell and post to me in Singapore.

And the seller had post out for me on Tuesday. Item finally reach Singapore today.

However it was first detain by ICA and follow by Health Science Authorities.

Under Singapore term Clauses:

Smoking (Control of Advertisement and Sale of Tobacco)
Act Prohibition on the sale of imitation tobacco products

16. - (1) No person shall import, sell or offer for sale any confectionery or other food product or any toy or other article that is designed to resemble a tobacco product or which is designed to resemble a tobacco product pr which is sold in a package designed to resemble the packaging commonly associated with to tobacco products.

(2) Any person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on convinction to a fine not exceeding $5,000 and, in the case of a second or subsequenr convinction, to a fine not exceeding $10,000.

Conclusion, I waste $ on buying a lesson. However I quite angry with CLEO magazine, if this item is illegal why in the first place you publish this article to mislead readers?

Cause of your wrong report, I had commit an offend for nothing. I sincerely hope CLEO writer is responsible of what they are writing…. I’m very disappointed in CLEO and totally lose faith in CLEO. Worst is I had ordering from them for 3years already. I guess once this order finish by January 2009. I will stop ordering again.

Because of the wrong article I lost $ and being Blacklisted by SingPost. Now I guess they will be tight checking on whatever is post to me already. *Sigh*
P/s: Yes this is only an vaporizes device not a real cigarette however this is an offend to import such thing back!!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

2008 NDP Preview

I had watched the 2008 NDP preview yesterday 2/8/2008!

I’m zombie yesterday as I didn’t get to sleep on the previous day due to my bad persistent cough! I’m still insisting going to the NPD preview as I haven’t got chance to went into the Temporary Stadium.

Weather was hot which make me sweat a lot, however I did bring my body & face sun block cream to apply. I also wear a BIG white hat and BIG sun shade to avoid myself to gat sun burn with the past experience of 2008 Aircraft show! <
Click Here>

We spent half an hour to queue into the stadium
We are lucky enough to have a center seats just underneath the control functions rooms!

I feel that locating the stadium at Marina Bay is an wise choice.
- Very windy
- Able to view the “Golden Landmark”
- Blue Singapore river vs Blue Sky

Stage in day view
Stage in night view
Performance verdict:

I realize it is much better comparing to the past.
-More performance, lesser singing.
-Performance theme based on ART
-Lesser mandarin song (infact only 2 songs) maybe due to our country is multi races ( infact better as I will doze off if I hear mandarin songs)

3 motives for me to attend this 2008 NDP Preview
- I never went in before
- Black Knights
- Firework

Black Knights performance is same as 2008 Aircraft Show <Click Here>
Fact is I don’t feel is better than 2008 Aircraft Show as I guess this time they draw the picture on over big surface so the pictures they form is not fine.


They purposely conceptualized in order to bring the fireworks nearer to the audience.
It was firing from a concentrated platform within Marina Bay itself . When the fire work is ending, I saw lot of firework forming S, I thought it was $ but it is a “S” which signifying 'Shine Singapore Spirit'.