Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone is greedy……

Today I had went Bugis just to find Jay Chou “The One” concert dvd as I don’t have it and wish to see as I had watch both “Wu Yi Lun Bi” & “2007 World Concert” Thus this is the only 1 I left unwatched which is quite a pity I feel.

However I wend to Plaza Singapora too, but all the CDs shop said they don’t have. So sad! M… I used to don’t bother what gadget or what kind of PC I used as I’m those people which I be contented as long as I had these item to use. But recently I also don’t know what go into my brain. I simply wish to own Jay, Pink or angel stuff even in gadget. I want it all and yes is everything in the world which no one could actually fulfilled it unless you’re filthy rich, but I’m very poor as I didn’t so I can only live to dream.

However whatever I wish for, Bee will always try his way to fulfilled for me. Below is the things I going to buy and I will import back myself if happen Singapore don’t have it again.
Now I'm using 22" monitor and yet need to down grade to 17" monitor as this is the biggest size for PINK monitor which I feel so lost. Who can tel me anyone in Singapore to spraying to change any hardware to be PINK. I want to pay him/her to urn my LG 22" to be PINK like the picture.
I-cute pink mini tower which I'm using the blue one now. After searching so much inside the internet. I only mange to find 4 different design of pink cpu only. But I still like this most as maybe I might to used of my present blue I-cute CPU.
Pink Creative speaker, I was wondering is this the real color of the speaker as I happen to find these speaker in darker shade of pink only lei.... M nevermind can be find ba... As no matter what this is a Singapore product lei....
Aiyo, this is hard... cause I really don't know what brand is this as this is the only wireless for mouse and keybroad which is in PINK!!!. Sigh.... I so headache with these pink ideal.
No choice as if you'll like me working home base, you'll try hard to make your home into a 5* hotel. I really can't wait to moved as my new house will be lik condo. As it is fully glass panels, but who is going to wash and clean is another problem.
m…. anyway my house is coming in 2 years time, thus Bee said we need to start to go Bangkok again as we need to buy our furniture & accessories there and shipped back. As the previous time we found the furniture there is very creative and artistic thus I decide I should get everything there even it is more expensive. But did anyone realize molecule is selling things from Thailand thus I’m just doing same thing however bringing back my own.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleepless Night vs XiaXue Blog

Another sleepless night, I thought today is a nice weather to sleep in and I was so tired at 10pm so I sms Bee that I won’t call him tonight and just turn to my bed now. However I woke at 12.30am browsing thru website and reading Xiaxue blog. Just pondering, got some people like to criticize her of how she “hao lian” her boyfriend and her lifestyle. However I guess you can avoid reading if you really hate her so much. It is her blog meaning is her dairy and she already very kind to share her daily routine to the whole world. Such open like her is just real and truthful and she had nothing to hide. When she happy she laugh, when she angry she curse. All of us do that thus stop saying her like these as you can try to get some life outside rather than hanging around in her blog however I also don’t wish got people that I don’t know to criticize my life too.

Pinkie stuff, my handphone had already pass the 1 year warranty thus I decide to turn my phone pink. However saw this inside ebay, however weird is, the seller actually locate in Singapore thus I prompt question like these:
1) Is your location in Singapore?
2) Do you have this in stock?
3) Can I self collect as I willing to pay what you quote as in item + shipping price? I just wanted to get it quickly as I don’t wish to wait
In the end, that seller answer me that something I had never ask. The item is from china. The end… even how I email or drop questions, she just don’t wish to bother me. What she mean? Is it meaning her item is inferior or what. Why she like hinting me don’t get from her…..
Look at all the parts, I been figurine hard how to take out my real mobile phone housing and fit in this little spare parts…. Headache…. Bee suggests I go Bugis Village to find other to do for me. But I quite afraid they didn’t sell this baby pink which I want. However it is true that I only spoilt my phone if I DIY it myself.
Now Asus EEE issue, I want this so much when Singapore hasn’t launch the Pink set. I though of import back myself from Taiwan that time. However now this “pink set” is in town now and holding me back. The real thing is very small, and the screen appears so “retro” meaning I feel old TV look. Even the keypad is small. Thus I spend some time try typing and Bee say “oh I was impress that you can key so fast by using only 1 finger from each hand. I wonder should I angry or happy at that moment. Nerveless I still continue to try it as I trying so hard to convince myself of owning 1. BUT it is so small, it is only good that you can bring out when you go holiday so you can check your email of bog anytime you want. OMG…. Buy or don’t buy. I really can’t resist the PINK lo.
Maybe if I really bought it is only because the pink is so sweet till I wish this note book become another pink gadget of mine only!
See! So mini, but who will use a notbook at seaside where the wind contain salt and such glare sun light which will make the notebook spoilt faster only. Bad advert lei......
I saw this journalist in CLEO had these tatoo [below] at her foot, which I deel so nice and like to get 1 too. However I really scare of pain furthermore thes tatoo is long and BIG lei.... But when I show Wendy and Bee, they all ask me wake up from the ideal. It is so Ah Lian!!! Ayo.... you all no taste la. Such classic and
unique design become "Ah Lian" Remember the story " The Roses" from my previous blog written. It is from this book, I try to find these book in Singapore and Kl however it didn't sell. I really wish to read all stories inside as it is quite touching. Nice Bee had order it for me in the book arrive within 5 days, so happy that I finally own it. Nice book, though I haven't got time to read it but I rate it *****
Well, we finally decide to try the steamboat locate at Suntec City Conventional Hall Level 1. We alway smell the nice food when we pass-by. However we didn't try it as I feel it is expensive lo... But honestly is not la... However it is not really worth of $. as the picture speak all for me...
Bee still excited when just started but he didn't enjoy it this way tru out.
Nice herb soup.....
You see, they didn't clear my plate at all!!!!
My dessert so cute but don't taste nice.
Is not the food nice but is me that assemble it nice.
See! they didn't refill it when the food is running low.
Worst, Bee ask the waiter to refill the ice cream yet they only reply OK but never do it lo
My soup is dry up and they never refill. Sign,,, I wonder what kind of attitude they have. I rate them **

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life is so boring….

Nothing much special around me… as the dam weather is so hot and happen that now everything raising in price. Seem like tgod is clearing people on earth as more illness that can’t be cure like SARS and weather change and affect the labour of food like plants and sea food and so on… thus as for me, it affect me most. As I work home base and no one buy things from me liao.

And my room don’t have air con which is the most killing part. Sign… time is bad now however I got a bad habit to buy thing when I got no business as that is the most free time I had.

How I wish Singapore can snow,,,, so at least I no need to travel so far just to touch the snow flake…. So hot…..
Things I going to import back from other country myself
Gems Earphone * Elecom Ear Drop Serie* which I saw it is selling at $57 at one of the Holland Village Store. It only cost me $35 to impost back myself.
Jay signature 8 GB MP4 player, I had sold mine as the previous MP4 player only 4 GB at $185SGD. Import back myself as Singapore is not selling this pieace, I'm attrached to it as it is 8GB and most important I love Jay thus I like to own his product and hace care weather it is under warranty. *cross finger*
I saw Xiaxue ever worn a same pendant in Yellow Gold thus I also want to own 1 as "Glordian" in White Gold Plated as Singapore don't have such custom made pendant.
When I was in SP at 2004, I saw 1 classmate worn this Tee, However she told me she bought from Korea and it is not selling in Singapore. I will import it back myself as I feel like an Angel when wearing it. :) Furthermore I'm the only 1 to own it in Singapore as my classmate is study oversea now. Wa ha ha ha
Lastly, I love angel & pink stuffs. Thus I often gone crazy for it. the angel tee is 2004 lei, I spent 4 years then find it. I really crave for it lor....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Malaysia Trip

Ayo... I never notice it been a long time since I last blog.... Actually I was busy on planning my Malaysia Trip, but before I went holiday I still need to settle all pre order online items and I did a little clay angel for my best friend “Wendy”.
This angel is to keep her accompany on behalf of me when I’m not around.
I'm so lucky that I had book the coach ticket before Mas Selamat ran out from the police detention center. So what it going to do with me right…… as till now the police haven’t found him so meaning the causeway point will jam up. Meaning I need to struck inside the coach for 10 hours instead of 6hours to reach there.
However, Bee had bought me a MP4 player and copies all my favorite Taiwan drama inside the mini player.
My mini tv gadget: A2000.
I simply love it as it got a 3 inches screen and the design is sleek & slim.

Day 1: 27/3/2008
Toward to Malaysia
We need to arrive at new bridge road to get the "Grassland" coach at 7am but we reach there at 6am as nick's brother on morning shift thus he fetch me at 5.30am to the terminal. So early.... *Yawn*

What surprise me is, I expect a 3 hours jam however no jam at all and I had been sleeping in my coach till I reach the 1st stop of malaysia for meal and toilet break at "yong ping"
I wondering why after a 3 hours sleep, my face and make up become so dark instead. omg.....
6 hours later we reach our hotel at 1st world resort.

1st world check in system
It stun me, as so much crowd inside and if you wish to check in, you need to get a number and wait to be call like Singapore Polyclinic...

My number is afew hundred behind lei... So bee suggest we go lunch 1st. Then 1st unpleasant thing occured, we ate 2 bowl of wanton noodle at their food court only yet cost us $8sgd per bowl. Scary right? So bee can't get over it until our last day of the trip.
After our 1 hour lunch, it is still not our turn to check in yet. Bee wait till he doze off. Ha ha
After checking in, we went to the indoor theme park.
Nothing had change since I was there 4 - 5 years ago.
We saw this cj7 in 1 of the gift store however berjaya time square is infested with all cj7 too.
Hee.. I was very excited to see big lollipop so start posing mad...

Day 2: 28/3/2008
Heading to my breakfast cafe....
Being taken while I was waiting my breakfast. It really smell good lei
okay, I start posing like mad again as I had waited quite long

Bee so happy to see his breakfast as he haven't eat for last 3 years. wa ha ha ha never eat 3 years... how come he so fat sia????
Haiz can tell this trip is so boring till we need take picture when I was busy eating my candy floss in such cold weather.

I attract alot monkeies while I'm enjoyed my candy floss lei. :D
Indoor Merry Go Round.... Feeling weird why I don't have any outdoor theme park picture. Because we are very unluncky as it been raining since day 1!!!!

See, really nothing to do till we need to waste our time in starbuck. Very expensive the cost is higher than drinking in Singapore. Maybe they coffee beans need to travel uphill to sell to us. hahah
Day 3: 29/3/2008
Leaving Genting and toward KL

Morning only, yet Bee already bore till siao already.
My 1st time in such high distance cable car from the ground.
We acturally taking a cable car downhill and get an express bus to KL
Hee... I already forgotten where I taken this picture.
We can see the "Twin Tower Building" at the Berjaya Time Square swimming pool.
Look at Bee, so hungry again like being torture for so long...

Day 4: 30/3/2008
Kl, Twin Tower Building

I sleep at 3am and woke up at 5.30am to get myself ready to eat breakfast and queue up for ticket in order to get in Twin Tower. So any1 can spot me inside the crowd?
After 2 hours, we manage to get the limited ticket. So shag la!!!!
Sian, it is totally enclosed as we thought we can feel the wind and pressure.
Take a look at the "Twin Tower" lift, so many buttons. No wonder it is name as tall building.

Day 5: 31/3/2008
Going Back to Singapore

We had a last short shopping at KL before heading back to my coach however I only manage to buy a teddy bear unlike bee big big small small packet lo....