Monday, April 28, 2008

Everyone is greedy……

Today I had went Bugis just to find Jay Chou “The One” concert dvd as I don’t have it and wish to see as I had watch both “Wu Yi Lun Bi” & “2007 World Concert” Thus this is the only 1 I left unwatched which is quite a pity I feel.

However I wend to Plaza Singapora too, but all the CDs shop said they don’t have. So sad! M… I used to don’t bother what gadget or what kind of PC I used as I’m those people which I be contented as long as I had these item to use. But recently I also don’t know what go into my brain. I simply wish to own Jay, Pink or angel stuff even in gadget. I want it all and yes is everything in the world which no one could actually fulfilled it unless you’re filthy rich, but I’m very poor as I didn’t so I can only live to dream.

However whatever I wish for, Bee will always try his way to fulfilled for me. Below is the things I going to buy and I will import back myself if happen Singapore don’t have it again.
Now I'm using 22" monitor and yet need to down grade to 17" monitor as this is the biggest size for PINK monitor which I feel so lost. Who can tel me anyone in Singapore to spraying to change any hardware to be PINK. I want to pay him/her to urn my LG 22" to be PINK like the picture.
I-cute pink mini tower which I'm using the blue one now. After searching so much inside the internet. I only mange to find 4 different design of pink cpu only. But I still like this most as maybe I might to used of my present blue I-cute CPU.
Pink Creative speaker, I was wondering is this the real color of the speaker as I happen to find these speaker in darker shade of pink only lei.... M nevermind can be find ba... As no matter what this is a Singapore product lei....
Aiyo, this is hard... cause I really don't know what brand is this as this is the only wireless for mouse and keybroad which is in PINK!!!. Sigh.... I so headache with these pink ideal.
No choice as if you'll like me working home base, you'll try hard to make your home into a 5* hotel. I really can't wait to moved as my new house will be lik condo. As it is fully glass panels, but who is going to wash and clean is another problem.
m…. anyway my house is coming in 2 years time, thus Bee said we need to start to go Bangkok again as we need to buy our furniture & accessories there and shipped back. As the previous time we found the furniture there is very creative and artistic thus I decide I should get everything there even it is more expensive. But did anyone realize molecule is selling things from Thailand thus I’m just doing same thing however bringing back my own.

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