Friday, April 25, 2008

Sleepless Night vs XiaXue Blog

Another sleepless night, I thought today is a nice weather to sleep in and I was so tired at 10pm so I sms Bee that I won’t call him tonight and just turn to my bed now. However I woke at 12.30am browsing thru website and reading Xiaxue blog. Just pondering, got some people like to criticize her of how she “hao lian” her boyfriend and her lifestyle. However I guess you can avoid reading if you really hate her so much. It is her blog meaning is her dairy and she already very kind to share her daily routine to the whole world. Such open like her is just real and truthful and she had nothing to hide. When she happy she laugh, when she angry she curse. All of us do that thus stop saying her like these as you can try to get some life outside rather than hanging around in her blog however I also don’t wish got people that I don’t know to criticize my life too.

Pinkie stuff, my handphone had already pass the 1 year warranty thus I decide to turn my phone pink. However saw this inside ebay, however weird is, the seller actually locate in Singapore thus I prompt question like these:
1) Is your location in Singapore?
2) Do you have this in stock?
3) Can I self collect as I willing to pay what you quote as in item + shipping price? I just wanted to get it quickly as I don’t wish to wait
In the end, that seller answer me that something I had never ask. The item is from china. The end… even how I email or drop questions, she just don’t wish to bother me. What she mean? Is it meaning her item is inferior or what. Why she like hinting me don’t get from her…..
Look at all the parts, I been figurine hard how to take out my real mobile phone housing and fit in this little spare parts…. Headache…. Bee suggests I go Bugis Village to find other to do for me. But I quite afraid they didn’t sell this baby pink which I want. However it is true that I only spoilt my phone if I DIY it myself.
Now Asus EEE issue, I want this so much when Singapore hasn’t launch the Pink set. I though of import back myself from Taiwan that time. However now this “pink set” is in town now and holding me back. The real thing is very small, and the screen appears so “retro” meaning I feel old TV look. Even the keypad is small. Thus I spend some time try typing and Bee say “oh I was impress that you can key so fast by using only 1 finger from each hand. I wonder should I angry or happy at that moment. Nerveless I still continue to try it as I trying so hard to convince myself of owning 1. BUT it is so small, it is only good that you can bring out when you go holiday so you can check your email of bog anytime you want. OMG…. Buy or don’t buy. I really can’t resist the PINK lo.
Maybe if I really bought it is only because the pink is so sweet till I wish this note book become another pink gadget of mine only!
See! So mini, but who will use a notbook at seaside where the wind contain salt and such glare sun light which will make the notebook spoilt faster only. Bad advert lei......
I saw this journalist in CLEO had these tatoo [below] at her foot, which I deel so nice and like to get 1 too. However I really scare of pain furthermore thes tatoo is long and BIG lei.... But when I show Wendy and Bee, they all ask me wake up from the ideal. It is so Ah Lian!!! Ayo.... you all no taste la. Such classic and
unique design become "Ah Lian" Remember the story " The Roses" from my previous blog written. It is from this book, I try to find these book in Singapore and Kl however it didn't sell. I really wish to read all stories inside as it is quite touching. Nice Bee had order it for me in the book arrive within 5 days, so happy that I finally own it. Nice book, though I haven't got time to read it but I rate it *****
Well, we finally decide to try the steamboat locate at Suntec City Conventional Hall Level 1. We alway smell the nice food when we pass-by. However we didn't try it as I feel it is expensive lo... But honestly is not la... However it is not really worth of $. as the picture speak all for me...
Bee still excited when just started but he didn't enjoy it this way tru out.
Nice herb soup.....
You see, they didn't clear my plate at all!!!!
My dessert so cute but don't taste nice.
Is not the food nice but is me that assemble it nice.
See! they didn't refill it when the food is running low.
Worst, Bee ask the waiter to refill the ice cream yet they only reply OK but never do it lo
My soup is dry up and they never refill. Sign,,, I wonder what kind of attitude they have. I rate them **

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