Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Comer in 2009

I bring a 28" Love Alot bear to Tucson however I manage to pair up with a 28" Bedtime bear that I bought in Usa ebay.

So happy that I had new accompany!

Smart Car

Can anyone still remember the advertistment of UOB visa mini. Inside the ads, everything is mini including the car. However get to find this type of mini car here. Smart Car is from Europe. Thought that I would like to own one of the Smart Car here, who know it cost me $35k USD thus I had to give up the thought of buying this mini.

Can park 2 Smart Car in each lot!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shopping places I had visit in Arizona

Shopping areas here is very LIMITED. Thus I get to see Walmart but nothing else. Anyway, my case is not the most pathetic 1. As I staying near to foothill mall only. Which is the only outlet in TUCSON!

But I didn't get much excitment as the outlets consisting that I know:
-Nike Factory Store
-Bath & Body Works
-Levi's® Outlet by MOST
-Ross Dress For Less
Popular Walmart which I've sick about it.
La Encantada
Parkplace: I go there to find the only ABERCROMBIE shop :( very very far from my place.

Somthing new, Bee bring me to [2 & 1/2 hr] to Pheonix just for me to shop the only PRL factory outlet in Arizona.
Very happy shopping here as things is 40 - 70% cheaper than the bouq. Anyway even I buy it from bouq. is still cheaper than Singapore no matter how!
BUT food here is very expensive, no matter is dine in or out. It is VERY expensive to live here!
20 months to go and I'll be back in Singapore! Miss MUM

My old Christian Dior Saddle Bag

Well, this pink christian dior saddle bag a gift from sharon, however never used till the vinyl change color at the edges. I try to bring to those dry clean bag laudary and they refuse to wash for me and said to me is beyond hope.
Very sad after hearing it as I haven't even use it. The yellow stain at the edge really look dirty to me. So I decided to ......

Spent $40 usd to buy these Swarovski Rhinestones to decorate my precious baby and give it a new look!