Sunday, May 31, 2009

Califonia Trip [Day 2 - Hollywood Universal Studio]

Below are demontration of how they set fire inside the movie:

The long bridge reminded me of GENTING

Below are some pictures which I had taken from the studio tour, it was all parts of the movies in the past.

Sence from "Jurassic Park":

Sence from "The Jaw"

Sence from "Desperate Housewifes"
These are real houses, however only some have interior designs as the rest only built to form the neighbourhood only.
Can imagine living inside?
Why did they have so much place to built it for fliming. Also they didn't demolise it at all!!!!!

Scene from "War of the World"

I'm back from Califonia [Day 1]

Hilo..... I'm back in Tucson on 28th May 2009. Still feel so tired after the 7 days holiday.

This is only the Day 1 entry, the rest will be up soon as I need sometime to edit all the pictures

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Luck

Yesterday I was so down luck.

#1 I received call from SC that she won't be joing us for the road trip in last minuate
#2 My parcel from Shanghai reach my door at 1042am yet I didn't answer the door and need to go usps post office to self collect
#3 My coffee power was pour inside basin and not into the mug
#4 After collecting the parcel, realise out of 11 qty, 6 qty doesn't fit me. *waste $*
#5 received Forever21 parcel on the same day and my 2 party dress doesn't fit me too!

Cont today...
#6 My pink Samsung behold buyer, don't wanna buy my phone this morning when we are suppose to meet at 10am

Anyway, everything lost control in my life yesterday and today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Now busy planning my Road Trip thus I will update next week when I came back. Hopefully is a good 1.

I'll be going Los Angeles and San Diego for 7 days. Will be back by 28th May 2008

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shopping Blog

I guess sooner or later my blog become shopping blog. I'm gone man, spend alot this month. Must really stop. Below is some online shopping in USA.

Forever 21 party dress are really very cheap, yesterday went to Tucson mall to try on the below. However they only left with size L. Then I went to Park Place Mall branch, worst... not even 1.

So sad at 1st, as 2 days ago online left with only XS. When I try on these dresses, it look very pretty and like a princess. The skirt part is puffy puffy, in order to get something like these, need at least few hundred dollar in Singapore.

BUT I went online and there avaliable in M & L. So happy I bought both as EACH cost less than $40sgd only
Front View
Strapless Satin Dress
Intro: This little strapless beauty will combine perfectly with your finest evening accessories. This short length dress shows off the luster of the satin to perfect effect and features an empire waist design with pleated detail below, belt loops, and a double layering of fabulous tulle that gives a pretty shape to the dress.
- 26" approx length from bust to hem
- 100% polyester; Hand wash cold
- Imported
ProductCode: 2054114865
Back view

Front View
Strapless Dot Mesh Dress
Strapless dress featuring a flirty dot mesh overlay, satin trim, 2-back interior boning structures for shape, interior rubberized trim at the top for grip, a hidden side zipper with a hidden loop button closure, full lining, and a finished layered hem.
- 25" approx length from bust to hem
- 100% polyester, lining 100% polyester; Hand wash cold
- Imported
ProductCode: 2060039448

Back view
Victoria's Secret
Fragrance Gift Set
Experience luxurious fragrance with five of our popular scents, .09 oz. each.
Domestic and imported.
• Dream Angels™ wish
• Dream Angels™ Heavenly
• Very Sexy®
• Sexy Little Things Noir™
• Parfums Intimes Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine
I had been attached with the PINK leather box only, thus I bought it just for the sake of VS box. Wa ha ha ha
UPDATE: Yesterday I received the dresses, however it was too big for me. And I headed to Forever21 store to change to size SMALL. Sian... cause I can't fit in size Small!!! Ended up return and get back store credit. So sian!