Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Luck

Yesterday I was so down luck.

#1 I received call from SC that she won't be joing us for the road trip in last minuate
#2 My parcel from Shanghai reach my door at 1042am yet I didn't answer the door and need to go usps post office to self collect
#3 My coffee power was pour inside basin and not into the mug
#4 After collecting the parcel, realise out of 11 qty, 6 qty doesn't fit me. *waste $*
#5 received Forever21 parcel on the same day and my 2 party dress doesn't fit me too!

Cont today...
#6 My pink Samsung behold buyer, don't wanna buy my phone this morning when we are suppose to meet at 10am

Anyway, everything lost control in my life yesterday and today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Now busy planning my Road Trip thus I will update next week when I came back. Hopefully is a good 1.

I'll be going Los Angeles and San Diego for 7 days. Will be back by 28th May 2008

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