Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Playlist

Wow the music playlist over the left hand. I dunno why suddenly no song then I discovered that they change the website so I need to repaste the link. However this playlist is better, is like I install an iphone inside my blog. Also to click the songlist press the top left arrow or the main button below anyway it just work like a real iphone.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Ha ha finally I got this last pair which I long hope for.

Reunion Victoria Secret PINK 2009 Holiday Dogs set!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dream Xmas Tree

Ho Ho Ho Merry Xmas. USA indeed have alot of pink stuff. I hope this tree will drop price after xmas so I can purchase it and put inside my new house in Singapore. Heee......

Even the LCD is PINK


Friday, December 11, 2009

2nd Attempt: Japan Sushi Roll

It might look ugly BUT it taste good these round as I remember to put sugar and jap vinegar in the rice. Also the shape become distorted as my knife was not sharp enough.

Cutting a sushi need some SKILL!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Victoria Secret Free Doggy

Sigh, today I went to Tucson Mall Victoria Secret, they don't have any more free dog. SIGH.... lack of a Aqua & Red still. Sob sob

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My USA instructional driving permit

Abit guilty as I reach USA 20th Dec 2008, I yet obtain my driving lic here!
Well these is my sg driving lic that obtain since 2006. Using this sg driving lic can only drive in USA for 1st 7 months. However I didn't drive at all! Ha ha ha

Untill 1st Dec 2009, then I go get a instruction permit! These few days I'm in the middle of hectic driving training. I really wish to give up as the speed limit here is too fast!
Small road: 35mile = 56km
Normal road: 45 miles = 72km
High way: 65 - 75 miles = 104 - 120km

Kao!!! I barely drive 40km in Singapore ONLY! These few days my speed alway 20 - 40mile only which is consider ROAD HOGGING I get many of HONKS...... Don't think I can get my driving lic in USA sucessfully!

Freebies for 2009 Holiday Season

Holiday season in USA is so much FUN, alot of freebie to grab!
Free Coach nail polish gift set with purchase of $200usd. Buy so many times of COACH 1st time received free gift. LOL

Victoria Secret have alot of freebies for these holiday season, with any purchase of "PINK" will entitle a free DOG. However it come in a set of 6. <<<:( I lack of RED and AQUA still.>>>> So sad, I go many branches and I don't see any more of RED & AQUA left!
Free Victoria Secret Limited Edition Fashion show with any PINK purchase too. However come in a set of 3 color. I'm lack of the blue one. Yesterday I go to La Enchanta alreadly don't have the Blue panty. Sigh....

Free Aerostale bear with purchase of $100usd, yesterday when I received this bear I was happy, but when I take it out it start to drop plenty of the fur. Now I totally ignore it as it dirty my carpet only!!!!!