Thursday, August 25, 2011

炒河粉 Hor Fun Recipe

rice noodle (hor fun) squid, cleaned and cut
dark soy sauce 10 prawn, cleaned and peeled
light soy sauce corn starch and water to make mixture
fish sauce 1 egg
chicken broth chai xin
crushed garlic Fish cake

How to make Hor Fun:

  1. heat up the pan, add oil and fry crushed garlic till fragrant.

  2. Add in hor fun, fish sauce, dark soy sauce and light soy sauce, stir fry quickly over high heat till mix well.

  3. Remove heat, set aside in a serving plate.

  4. Using high heat, add in the fried oil, fry the remaining garlic till fragrant, then add in pork meat, prawn, squid, fish cake and fish sauce, stir fry for 1 minute.

  5. Add in the chicken broth, bring to boil, put in chai xin, mix well, then slowly pour in the corn starch mixture and stir well to form a thick gravy.

  6. Remove heat and add in the beated egg. Stir till the egg mix well with the gravy.

  7. Pour the egg gravy on top of the fried hor fun. Served hot with chopped green chilies.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2B Alternative for FACE

It been quite awhile since my last update. Recently, still the same. People always ask me what had you been busy with? I busy with slimming down desperately, believe anot I really am!

Anyway going tru with the below product. I believe it is a very high profile product. Learn that this product actually have ingredient of botox that able to help us to sharpen or you can say firming the face.
Price is $74+ for a box which contain 2 bottle of 7ml. It stated is a month dosage, but if you're apply 1 time per day meaning 1 box can last you 2 months. But in order to get best result you need to apply day and night time. (that my personal opinion) Anyway apply these not just apply but you need to actually follow up by a massage routine. After that you can apply whatever skin care product after that.

Well, I had been using it for a month. I only apply once per day. It is colorless, smell is like normal beauty toner. Alot of us worry it might not suitable for very sensitive skin user. I'm consider as sensitive skin user, prior using it my skin didn't have any side effect. (*cross finger)

Anyway this item, colorless and the smell is like normal beauty toner. It absorb very fast, and after awhile of massage with this item. My face feel softer and firmer now and it also remove my nasolabial folds . It does some lifting to my face where I feel my cheek is much higher.

Lastly, a treatment is 3 pack. Thus If you really wish to try get 3 boxes :) The above verdict is only completion of 1 box.