Monday, April 27, 2015

My IVF Journey

After the 16 months treatments, we have choosen IVF as i already 35 year old this year and chances really depreciate as my age catches up.

Taken these photo to record my body before injections taken place.

Yesterday went KKH for ultrasound and do the payment documentation. The nurse read out during my ultrasound: lining 4mm and both ovaries got eggs. Unsure whether good or bad.

Anyway today was the 2nd day of gonal f self injection. Doesn't feel as good as yesterday. The jab today by hubby was abit more painful compare to yesterday.

IVF Journey Day 3:

3rd day of Gonal - f, hubby is like getting traumatized of getting jab already. Today he forgotten to count to 5 second before pulling the whole thing out of me. :( Hopefully is okay

A very tiny 3 holes. However I guess you all can able to spot 2 holes. Forgot to ask the nurse whether can inject on the left side too as I worry only the right side get the medicine. (silly me)

Having the most unwanted food in my life now. I google and know that having avocado and olive oil can triple the successful rate of IVF. Well how true I not sure but have to just give a shot.

Yesterday cut half avocado into my salad. Hardly swallow as I immediately feel like puking thus only ate 50%

Today I try it with banana and blend it with milk. Well alot better thus I guess this will be the staple food in my life for the rest of IVF journey.

IVF Journey Day 4:

Day 4 of Gonal-F, hubby today did a great job. No much pain and everything is right manner. And today had inject on the left side instead of having all 4 on right. However don't know why is it still have a drop stick to the syringe. Is it matter???

Actually within these 3 days we kept seeing these left over drip.
As usual like I say avocado drink will be a staple food list and today got to eat this salad with alot of olive oil with balsamic. Just because avacado and olive oil provide good fats for IVF :(

Another ultrasound was schedule tomorrow. Hopefully the follicle are growing and lining are thicken up. Praying hard.

Anyway today weight gain: 0.7kg

IVF Journey Day 5:

Ultrasound today:

Uterus lining: 5.4mm
Right side ovary follicle: 4
5.5, 5, 6 and 6.5mm
Left side ovary follicle: 5
9,10, 10.5, 8 and 8.5mm

Can't remember in detail as too many number to remember. Still, praying everything is good and fine. Side effect today: sore breast

So from today onward I going to start to inject orgalutran to avoid ovulation. This needle is thicker and the medicine is very painful. The pain last at least 30min for me. And it feel like hundred of ant biting. The pain really linger.

I really have needle phobia.... 

IVF Journey Day 6:

Today surprisingly gonal f is more painful than usual. Hubby mention that he too focus on the orgalutran instead.

Yet the orgalutran he injected wasn't pain at all but after 2 min the medicine start to pain to max. But these round it linger only 15 min.

These are Gonal-F (bigger in size)
And the one in glass is Orgalutran

Comparison of the needle. M... Can't tell from my pictured. :(

As of now I only wish these needle day to end soon. Hopefully I fall on 10 days basis not 14 days

IVF Journey Day 8:

Uterus lining: 7.6mm
Right follicle: 5
3qty 10.5, 11.5, 6.5mm
Left follicle: 10
6, 6.5, 8.5, 2qty 10.5, 2 qty 13.5, 15.5, 17mm

Still continue 150mg Gonal-F till day 9 and another extra 2 Orgalutran till day 10.

Blood test arrange on day 11 which is Saturaday
Accidentally inject into 1 of the vein and causes the brushes on Day 9

This will be used for day 11 Saturday 8pm for the trigger shot. Then was schedule on Monday morning 7.30am for egg retriever and Wednesday for embryo transfer.