Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camera Craving

Saturday 15/3/2008

In the morning, Bee told me he had a great deal of purchasing a Brand New Canon Powershot at only $100. His camera is 7 Megapixel. Stress of me as I told myself I must buy something higher than him if not he sure laugh at me.
This is Bee’s powershot but it is not really that powerful OKAY!!! LOL

So I went back to Suntec Carrefour to test some canon camera, I like the Canon IXUS 75 but they don’t have pink so I asked the salesman got any pink canon camera and he ask me go Harvey instead as they Carrefour haven’t launch Canon ISUS 80.

So I went Harvey to test the Canon Pink IXUS 80. The salesman and manage is too kind to me, thus even I hate to use Canon in my whole life. I decide to give a try after seeing the good customer service they got.

So in the end I had got my PINK Canon IXUS 80 for $429 with a lot of bundle freebie. Thank UNCLE RICKY @ Suntec Harvey
MINE is the PINK one…. Look so yummy!!!!! However BEE mine is 8 mega pixel hor… yours only 7 mega pixel hor……

Thursday 13/3/2008

Bee told me that his colleague wants to sell off his Brand New Fujiflim Z10 at $200 which he bought it on IT show on 7/3/2008 for $259. I feel this is a great offer however it is not PINK but LIME GREEN. Anyway I did bought it over as I see the deal is good as outside is selling $399 in all departmental store. I decide to resell away as this camera don’t really fit my requirement as I need a good macro function camera in order to take picture of my auction pictures.

It was resell at $240 and $40 extra is taken by BEE as he claims he is the one who sell it so he deserve it. Now he kept threaten me that he want to swallow my $200 which he haven’t return to me yet as the camera was sold yesterday only.

Idiotic SONY Salesman and Manager @ Carrefour

Friday 14/3/2008

I went to Suntec to catch a movie “Rule no. #1” at 9.30pm. I reach there around 9.20pm thus I go shop around at the Sony Road show beside Carrefour. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH SONY. So what you have the BEST PINK of gadget in Singapore as you can’t even produce a good service salesman. I really got piss off by the FUCK ATTITUDE Salesman; I went to him as I already want to purchase the PINK T70 at the spot. But I saw the label stated $499 with free gift so I asked what the free gift is.

Story goes this way:

Me: What is the free gift that is stated here?
Salesman [giggling]: What you want you just tell me, I’ll give it to you!
Bee: Are you able to include a free 8 GB memory stick?
Salesman: NO! But I can give you a free leather pouch worth $55.
Me: Is there anything else rather than this Free Leather Pouch as I’m not keen at all.
Salesman: You wait! I go ask my manager
Salesman [back]: My manager said, we can throw in a free spare Battery.
Salegirl: Wa……. I sell so many times never had given any customer free spare battery. So good
Salesman: Please!!!! Just look at our uniform, we are different that why I can throw more free gift than you.
We: Stare at them thinking, you both though I come here waste my time to watch both of you “role play” is it? Both of you behave like I am invisible.
Salesman: Now we have 2 plan for you, Plan A: Free Leather Pouch & Plan B: Free spare Battery.
Me: Then other than these 2 plans, are there any Plan B and Plan C.
Salesman: Yes Plan B and C is YOU GO HOME LOR!!!!
Me & Bee: Say nothing but STARE at him!!!!
Salesman: Okay, don’t look at me, I only joking only… I go ask my boss for more free gift since we’re closing soon.
Salesman [back]: Sorry Miss, My manager say we going to take away the free gift from you. NO FREE SPARE BATTERY AND FREE LEATHER POUCH for you.

I just left the counter without hesitating as their label stated “FREE GIFT” in the end it waste my time and cheat my time. I really had a horrible time with Sony after being a LONG LOYALTY BUYER for SONY. Definitely not worth it. And when I told my family and friends that they provide me such customer service, all of us decided to boy-cott them.

If there's no FREE GIFT, then why bother to ask me what things I request. Don't you know you wasting comsumer time. Although I don't know your name. However I believe every staff are assign at a fixed location only and I already send a complaint feedback on you and your manager to SONY managment. Guess both of you are 'BLACK SHEEP" of SONY.

10th – 12th March 2008 Unlucky Days…. [SUAY!!!!]….

Tuesday 11/3/2008
Had quarrel a BIG Fight with Bee for 2 long days [11th – 12th March 2008] over a small matter. It is really a small matter which I still angry if I think of it. As guess Bee really too mood swing till he quarrel over this and that when he is the one who is really contradicting. Sign… don’t know what he wants… anyway misunderstandings clear and he promise won’t vent anger on me. Thus let wait to see and hope you REALLY meant what you said…

Monday 10/3/2008
I had make payment to my supplier as she say that all my items will be read on 11th. Thus without any hesitation, I make the payment by Western Union without any delay, however the 1 of the design is not produced and make me delay the whole shipping till to be advise again later.
Sign… it is really suay as what she never delivers any things which she promised me. So day after day till today is already 18/3/2008, I haven’t received my shipping no. as she told me that my items were post out on 17/3/2008. I feel my life span will be shortening by 10 years when I deal with this supplier. As they are not efficient and troublesome so I hope their quality of apparels won’t give me headache.

Hectic Week.....

It had bee a hectic week for me that is the reason why it keep me away from BLOG.

Anyway I’m now doing my weekly update again….

6th – 9th March 2008

IT show

I had visited IT show on the 1st day as I went to check about some offer on the 1st day and also to go SMU to check my location of my store. However I didn’t get anything on the 1st day as Bee say we’ll come on the last day as more offer on that day. Thus we really wend show on the last day around 7pm, you can never imagine the crowd is so big and I can’t move at all. So I need to use around 40min to get to another location. Indeed last day of IT is better offer, BUT they had run out of Sony PINK T70. So what if the offer is great, in the end I still didn’t get it as I only want my gadget in PINK which I vow on the 2008 wish. :D

3rd – 9th March 2008
KissDeModa Fashion Fair @ SMU
I had a hard time to prepare my fashion stall at SMU for 7th – 8th March 2008. Although it is a 2 days bazaar however it really took me more than a week to plan and get ready of everything.

I had calculated out my total damage is $163 however the sales there is very lousy as no crowd that area. What I earn is even enough for me to cover my damages. Anyway it is still a good experience as I know what it is like doing a small business like this.

My verdict for this bazaar:
1) SMU is not a good place to sell things as no crowd
2) My apparels is too high end thus selling point over there should be $10 - $20
3) Girls at my stall is more Medium to Large size gals whereas my apparels is only for size Small
Though my sales are not good at SMU, BUT I won’t give up and keep trying over again and again. However I must plan even better next time.
My total sales are 12 qty of apparels and 9 qty accessories

My Fashion Stall

1st Table
2nd Table
My Apparel Rack
My crowd :)