Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Camera Craving

Saturday 15/3/2008

In the morning, Bee told me he had a great deal of purchasing a Brand New Canon Powershot at only $100. His camera is 7 Megapixel. Stress of me as I told myself I must buy something higher than him if not he sure laugh at me.
This is Bee’s powershot but it is not really that powerful OKAY!!! LOL

So I went back to Suntec Carrefour to test some canon camera, I like the Canon IXUS 75 but they don’t have pink so I asked the salesman got any pink canon camera and he ask me go Harvey instead as they Carrefour haven’t launch Canon ISUS 80.

So I went Harvey to test the Canon Pink IXUS 80. The salesman and manage is too kind to me, thus even I hate to use Canon in my whole life. I decide to give a try after seeing the good customer service they got.

So in the end I had got my PINK Canon IXUS 80 for $429 with a lot of bundle freebie. Thank UNCLE RICKY @ Suntec Harvey
MINE is the PINK one…. Look so yummy!!!!! However BEE mine is 8 mega pixel hor… yours only 7 mega pixel hor……

Thursday 13/3/2008

Bee told me that his colleague wants to sell off his Brand New Fujiflim Z10 at $200 which he bought it on IT show on 7/3/2008 for $259. I feel this is a great offer however it is not PINK but LIME GREEN. Anyway I did bought it over as I see the deal is good as outside is selling $399 in all departmental store. I decide to resell away as this camera don’t really fit my requirement as I need a good macro function camera in order to take picture of my auction pictures.

It was resell at $240 and $40 extra is taken by BEE as he claims he is the one who sell it so he deserve it. Now he kept threaten me that he want to swallow my $200 which he haven’t return to me yet as the camera was sold yesterday only.

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