Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Idiotic SONY Salesman and Manager @ Carrefour

Friday 14/3/2008

I went to Suntec to catch a movie “Rule no. #1” at 9.30pm. I reach there around 9.20pm thus I go shop around at the Sony Road show beside Carrefour. I’M VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH SONY. So what you have the BEST PINK of gadget in Singapore as you can’t even produce a good service salesman. I really got piss off by the FUCK ATTITUDE Salesman; I went to him as I already want to purchase the PINK T70 at the spot. But I saw the label stated $499 with free gift so I asked what the free gift is.

Story goes this way:

Me: What is the free gift that is stated here?
Salesman [giggling]: What you want you just tell me, I’ll give it to you!
Bee: Are you able to include a free 8 GB memory stick?
Salesman: NO! But I can give you a free leather pouch worth $55.
Me: Is there anything else rather than this Free Leather Pouch as I’m not keen at all.
Salesman: You wait! I go ask my manager
Salesman [back]: My manager said, we can throw in a free spare Battery.
Salegirl: Wa……. I sell so many times never had given any customer free spare battery. So good
Salesman: Please!!!! Just look at our uniform, we are different that why I can throw more free gift than you.
We: Stare at them thinking, you both though I come here waste my time to watch both of you “role play” is it? Both of you behave like I am invisible.
Salesman: Now we have 2 plan for you, Plan A: Free Leather Pouch & Plan B: Free spare Battery.
Me: Then other than these 2 plans, are there any Plan B and Plan C.
Salesman: Yes Plan B and C is YOU GO HOME LOR!!!!
Me & Bee: Say nothing but STARE at him!!!!
Salesman: Okay, don’t look at me, I only joking only… I go ask my boss for more free gift since we’re closing soon.
Salesman [back]: Sorry Miss, My manager say we going to take away the free gift from you. NO FREE SPARE BATTERY AND FREE LEATHER POUCH for you.

I just left the counter without hesitating as their label stated “FREE GIFT” in the end it waste my time and cheat my time. I really had a horrible time with Sony after being a LONG LOYALTY BUYER for SONY. Definitely not worth it. And when I told my family and friends that they provide me such customer service, all of us decided to boy-cott them.

If there's no FREE GIFT, then why bother to ask me what things I request. Don't you know you wasting comsumer time. Although I don't know your name. However I believe every staff are assign at a fixed location only and I already send a complaint feedback on you and your manager to SONY managment. Guess both of you are 'BLACK SHEEP" of SONY.

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