Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10th – 12th March 2008 Unlucky Days…. [SUAY!!!!]….

Tuesday 11/3/2008
Had quarrel a BIG Fight with Bee for 2 long days [11th – 12th March 2008] over a small matter. It is really a small matter which I still angry if I think of it. As guess Bee really too mood swing till he quarrel over this and that when he is the one who is really contradicting. Sign… don’t know what he wants… anyway misunderstandings clear and he promise won’t vent anger on me. Thus let wait to see and hope you REALLY meant what you said…

Monday 10/3/2008
I had make payment to my supplier as she say that all my items will be read on 11th. Thus without any hesitation, I make the payment by Western Union without any delay, however the 1 of the design is not produced and make me delay the whole shipping till to be advise again later.
Sign… it is really suay as what she never delivers any things which she promised me. So day after day till today is already 18/3/2008, I haven’t received my shipping no. as she told me that my items were post out on 17/3/2008. I feel my life span will be shortening by 10 years when I deal with this supplier. As they are not efficient and troublesome so I hope their quality of apparels won’t give me headache.

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