Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Dear Friends,
My website is officially launched. Please kindly support! Thank ya….

This sales will end on 27/9/2008

Discount won't b apply on accessory and postage!Please refer the Terms before purchase.
Your ordered item[s] will be cancelled if payment is not received within 24 hours.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Dubai

Today received a email from Bee. I guess below is everybodys' dream to have a sea side view house. Well the below design enable all the houses to face the sea!!!
Personal seasview for every units....
Clean pool to swim and face the sea.... Moreever still got sea breeze
Clean fine sand for you and your boyfriend to run about but please don't run into your neighbour's house. They might sue you for house breaking or something else...
Realise not all the house facade is the same.
This architect team really had a super taste design.
This place is totally like heaven
Overveiw of partial landscape
Not 1 or 2 houses facing the sea, is all the houses facing the sea....
Fullview landscape
This picture telling us Dubai's Building are tall, BUT do you realise the photographer is taking a picture from the from world's TALLEST building 'Burj Dubai' @ 2,620 ft / 801m!!!
I guess they purposely make and build the landscape into these logo with 2 dolphins by the sides.

Now I understand why Dubai is the ONLY and FIRST to have 7* Hotel.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DIY Swarovski Ipod Shuffle

It was quite some ever since my last blog. I guess my depression relapse due to I’m leaving Singapore soon and pain to see that my mum worry so much. Anyway, I just received my 1st birthday present from Bee. It is actually purple but I use 3 hours to paste the Swarovski on it.

Price to pay: as I had lie on the floor to do the pasting thus my neck got stiffness thus problem now is I can’t turn my head upward, downward, left and right. So painful now!!!

Spend around $30+ buying at wholesale price.

Guess I’m going to be busy for these 2 months as need to list down the things to do and pack the things and furniture to ship over states.

Dear friends, I’ll terminate my mobile number by November 2008 so anything please emails me after that. I’ll leave Singapore by end of November 2008 as we need to reach States “Peace Vanguard” by 1st December 2008. Thus now I'm open for you guys & gals for gathering appointments, please re-book me in advance. LOL :p

I will be celebrating silver Christmas there these 2 years.
And most importantly, I don’t really know how am I surviving there when that area SNOW!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I’ll be leaving to Arizona for 2 years this 1st quarter of December 2008. I’m so lost and worry my mum. Mum seems to be so sick after I broke this news to her.

I never know I stand such an important place inside mum’s heart. I had been working at home for 2 years. Mum is old and yet need to take care of 2 young mischievous nephews.

I was always the one who help her answering phone call if the caller is speaking English.
I will turn off the gas for her if she boil water till she doze off.
I always turn off the tap for her if I heard if leaking inside bathroom when she had forgotten to turn off.
I will wake her up to keep the clothes if it is going to rain.
I will take care of the kids on behalf of her if she needs to go out to run some errands.

My 2 nephews are really very mischievous; I ever saw them to hit my mum’s head with a metal toy car! My mum ever slipped inside bath room and got 12 stitches on her head. Her scalp is very thin till she can’t suffer any hitting from my nephews!

Mum now so sick, everyday will tell she can’t eat well nor sleep well and even no mood to do anything when she think that I’m leaving her in 3 months time!

She worry I don’t how to take care myself and I always fall sick all this while.

But Ma,
If I can’t cook I can buy food there to eat.
If I sick, I can go see doctor there and get medication.
If I don’t know how to wash clothes, I will send them to laundry.
Remember I’m 28 not 18. I’m no longer a kid. I can take care myself and learn to be independent.
But what matter most, I worry you! Do you know I’m weeping bitterly for you? I can’t bear to see you in this stage. I so worry you’ll very sick if I’m gone.

I totally so lost… who can tell me what should I do? Is it selfish to leave? Is it correct to let Bee go States alone? How long can I be with her? I really only going for 2 years and I will be back to Singapore in 2010. hoping my 2 elder sisters spent more time with her especially Sharon. Thou I might sound evil but I hope my eldest sister shop in SLQ will close down soon so you can stay at home to look after your own kids with mum!!!

Lastly, I do feel the pain like you feel for me. But I wish to see the world outside…. I can’t be under your protection forever…. No matter how far am I, I will make sure I call back! If there's a need, I will flew back alone to spent time with you! I promise!