Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pinky & Hairy Days….

I always visit my salon monthly to do my matrix hair treatment however I was always been chop for $80 per time. Recently about my perm hair issue, I had some unpleasant with my hairstylist which make me quite dishearten. As I been with her since 2000 yet now she become boss and so stingy with me.

She didn’t give me what I pay for. Thus I decided not to go back to her. Apart from there, I never give up my hair, I search from a lot of salon and finally I got my treatment sets.
1 tube of vital repair 10ml only cost $15 and I had purchase it only at $70 for 6 tubes which is $20 cheaper as I bargain with her. +LOL+

However I had the matrix mask all along so I can simply do the treatment weekly then. Instead of doing once per month I had been doing it once per week. After all if I calculate I spent around a few hundred $ buying all matrix hair product for my hair. From shampoo till styling, I had been using the same single brand only.
And I did state I wish to change my room and all gadgets to PINK this 2008 as I feel my life too BLUES!!! So ….. this is my new quilt cover which is cotton satin, nice feel and china look for this CNY. :p

1 good news….I had won myself a pair of tickets to Kung Fu Dunk Gala Premiere.
Hopefully I get to see Jay Chou in person again… Yes I’m going to watch his movie this coming Sunday!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jay Chou 2008 Concert Souvenir

I’m happy that recently the Singapore dealer had open another preorder. Thus I am in time to place my order this time.
I manage to get 1 qty as he only has 200 qty fro this preorder this time.
However he did not open the spree for my favorite jay stainless steel bracelet, but I saw it they selling in tw dealer thus I just contact the Singapore dealer again, hoping they preorder the bracelet again.
Really like the bracelet a lot. I never buy it in the first place as I feel it is really expensive. But the more I think of it the more I dying to own 1.

:p Bee already say I’m so flicked minded, sigh… who care as long as I’ happy.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is the best Valentine Day gift????

Ha I guess now a lot of teenage only for focused valentine day and not Chinese New Year. However, as for me….. I used to fancy over all festival when I’m young as got a lot of gifts for me.

m… anyway I’m phobia of CNY as I need to meet a lot of “long times no see” relatives, and they will ask. “So when you both going to get your wedding customary?” sigh… is this an common or “must ask” topic…..

well, valentine day is also round the corner but MINE is different!!!! My ROM 2 years anniversary is somewhere near the valentine day. M… still thinking where should we go holiday as I’m very free during February as all oversea supplier is close.

What is the best valentine gift? A diamond? A huge bear? Or a romantic spa for 2???? I don’t know so guys out there, don’t call and ask me this time. As I have promoted to be aunty hence I’m no longer romantic anymore. :D

I had read a “feng shui” book stated my lucky color this year is green, but too bad I can’t be bother as I decided all my belonging this year will be all PINK.

Today I saw a valentine limited edition Puma watch – swap series. It is so nice, however when I check in internet for the price but I had found a PINK series swap. Why it is call swap as it come with 1 extra belt to change. J

It really suit me, I been wanting to change my watch but m… is like I no have the habit of wearing watch now as I no more working thus no need watch. But I really like it, however don’t know Singapore got sell a not. I guess is around $200+ … pondering… why I like so expensive gadgets nowadays.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jay Chou World Tour Concert & Fann Wong

Finally, I had waited today arrive, as I been wanted to watch Jay Chou desperately. However still got 8 more hours to see him, I had waked up very early today as I was too excited.

Oh, today is a big day I guess as Fann Wong will appear at Ang Mo Kio hub at 3pm. I’m her fans too thus I won’t miss the chance of meeting her.

Will upload more pictures of them later. Yippy…..

Fann Wong at Ang Mo Kio Hub, However it is stated she will appear at 3pm sharp but i had waited till 3.30pm. sigh..... She is too THIN!! Sob sob, i'm too FAT

We had reach too early thus need to wait outside the indoor stadium.
Pathetic lei.... I spent $ to buy tickets yet need to Queue for 40 min inorder to get into the concert hall. sigh... take a look... it is full house.

Handsome Jay below...

Below is the 2008 Jay World Concert Souvenir which I wanted to buy, However i Queue for 1 - 2 hours yet it is all sold out. Left preorder only, what the f...
Stainless Steel Jay Bracelet cost $65 sgd, very expensive but still like it alot.... It is limited stock somemore.
Jay Singapore version figurine.... so cute, I wish to have one and make him accompany me to work on my computer desk everyday.
I like the pink plastic bag but also sold out left the black one only. They win lo.... everything sold out and make me queue so long and sold out!!!! * Angry *Well Jay concert had finished within 3 hours, however I can't simply get enough of him. I already started to miss him. Need to wait another 1 year, why 1 year? Cause he promise to come Singapore next year to celebrate his birthday with us again. :DWent to cosy bay to have a bite and drink after the concert, well happy day ended! Sian nothing for me to look forward and seem so lost. Depression started again....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jay Chou World Tour Concert 2008

I been waiting for Jay Chou concert for 3 years I guess, as I always missed his concert. Is either he hold during my exam or my ex boyfriend don’t like him. Sigh…..

But now I fulfilled my dream, we manage to get 2 seats for his concert on this coming Saturday at indoor stadium 8pm. Can’t wait to catch his concert, I guess it sure worth the price we pay for. Anyway his 2 days concert all full sold out.

How famous he is, sad to say we both are both born in 1980 how come he earn so much and me… penniless!!!!!

All in PINK....

Recently I saw a Asus EEE which is so small on a it show. So cute as it is so mini, then when bee show me a it had pink color one, I totally fall in love but it is only available in Taiwan. I decide to wait it come Singapore, guess Singapore will have it just the matter of time, thus I will wait patiently and purchase it when it sell in Singapore without hesitation so meanwhile I can save for it le….
Nice Pink Asus EEE
Secondly, I had sold my Casio exslim ex60 which is my fist camera in my life. However, the macro didn’t meet my requirement and it don’t capture well during day time. Thus I sell it at $250 only when I bought my camera at $459. Now I decided to get myself a pink sony T70. yeah… everything pink…. I love it… I like all my gadgets in PINK in 2008.

My Damage Hair

I really very unlucky this few days, as Hong Kong / China sides all start to having holiday thus a lot of goods is stuck with them, supposing Chinese New Year is the best month for sale of apparel however not for me. :(

Thus headache over suppliers and buyers as buyers always shop last minute and suppliers so early go for holiday le…. I guess this is the last spree I organize as no more suppliers is working and I’ll resting from last of Jan 2008 till Mar 2008.

As for my hair, sign…..
It been straighten on the 3rd day, then I call my hair stylish thus she ask me to travel down to orchard just to let her examine my hair and not redo on the spot.
However she fixed another appointment with me to redo my Japan perm.

Quite disappointment with my 8 years hair stylish:

1) She had used 3 type solutions to do my 1st perm but she only use 2 type of solution to redo m perm.
2) She spend 4 hours t do my 1st perm, but she use 2 hours to do my re perm by setting more higher temperature to burn my hair.
3) She use big rollers for my 1st perm but use all small rollers during my 2nd perm.
4) Though it is curl on the 1st day however now already going to straighten soon.
5) My hair was spoilt during the 2nd perm, thus now is total damage yet she still dare to charge me when I go treatment. When my Japan perm package actually come with free treatment.
6) Last she use a lot of time and ingredient which is the treatment I pay for. However today she actually use a left over solutions and cut a new solutions and kept the rest of my solutions infront of me.
7) When doing steaming, last time is 45 min but now only 10 min after that time for hair mask, she only apply abit on my hair and not even entirely.
Totally disappointed with my hair stylish, however I really love her hair cut skill thus I not willing to part with her. But I hate to say this as she already change as she is now the boss partner in the salon thus she is stingy with the product over us but she will never expect she lost me as a potential loyalty customer over these 8 years. Spend so much $ on her over priced hair products yet today because she is the boss she stingy in me. This my hair condition after matrix treatment, okay lo... at least not so dry and frizzy. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My New Hair Style in 2008

Finally I had pick up my courage to do the japan perm today, however I was intending to do rebonding but my hair stylish insist that I need a perm as to change a new look.

So I say” okay lor” in a very reluctant tone, she know I’m very nervous and kept ask her can don’t perm, yet she keep me accompany, when we sit and chat to wait the time up for each process. I having a nice time with my hair stylish May.

This is the first look when the hot roller was removing.

Do I look like one of the Rome princess?

Then this is the final look after the last stage process. However it is not as curl as I thought BUT hope it won’t be straight by Chinese New Year and now I hate my hair a little as due to the chemical process, my hair turn so hard. Now I hopping to wash off the chemical but can’t wash hair within 24 hours if not the curl will be gone. Never mind maybe after 1 wash it’ll be nicer and softer. Praying ba….

However, I’m still okay with the new look as I thought I might turn out to be aunty but no. because I had tried tie my hair into other style which make me quite cute too.

Oh ya... not to forget i got another appoinment with May on 20/1/2008 as i need to do treatment and coloring on my hair.
Thus I wish I can be pretty by CNY had arrive.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Recently receive a friendster email message from a ITE classmate “Kelly Lum” I’am so piss off while reading her message.

My view is “you don’t judge who I am when you don’t even understand me” I don’t care how others look at me. I just don’t care as from the day I born, the rumors followed me like I’m 1 of the famous celebrity. I feel okay as no matter what only my truth friends side me and understand me.

Thanks you all my friends, I love you all.

However you know what Kelly, I told you to stop telling bad things about me infront of my closes friends as they will have bad impression of you only. But if you wish to continue it, you are the one who get hurt in the end.

I been through too much, who told you kept changing boyfriends is consider as flirt. I can only tell you I’m unlucky enough as I always met the wrong person. Do you consider as a women as you act like a “BITCH” I must say. In my life I guess I only curse Jonathon Ng like hell as I had reasons and fit to do that! And YOU is only my only friend that I use such a bad word to describe you. I feel sorry for you as I had become your “IMAGINARY ENEMIE” ever since 2002 (which you jus told me) it is indeed a waste of time to hate me when I did nothing to you.

I feel sorry for you because you don’t even know a lot of my close friends avoid you in the end. Look what you have done to yourself???

When I was being bully my past boyfriends only Qiuyun and lena (Singapore poly) Wendy and Zann (Peicai Secondary) be there for me. Where are you then when you kept saying you are the only one care for me? And you told Vincent and Nick that I was not worth for them to love and hang out with???? Yet you still have the cheek to say you never backstabbed me as I’m aware what you told them? Hello…. I know what you told them is from 3rd party. You’re really acting like a aunty, because only aunty do gossiping.

I really had to warn you here, you’re no longer my friend and please get your life outside as you had done with me. Stop email me as what you say is totally absurd.

You claim you never say bad thing of me as it is the truth and what you know about me, what is truth when you don’t even with me when I need you. You say not only you say my bad things and others do so as you only follow them. Okay fine, 1 day if you are caught and end up in the court, you can tell the judge that you commit no crime as you follow what other robber did thus you only follow them.

You really 1 kind when you’re wrong and yet you don’t admit it. Too bad I got no time for you thus I should declare “Kelly Lum” is out of my life. I don’t welcome you to enter my LIFE!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome 2008

Well long time never post. However now is the new beginning year 2008, and I hope more good things might happen. Been spending so much in December 2007 as whenever there’s festival season and tend to have lot of sales.

m… I jus bring my mum out and purchase a top for my mum which cost $50 for a non label Tee only, however I wanted to give my mum the best and bringing her out as I feel she always stay at home and ask her buy more things but she choose to save for me. What to say, she love me too much and don’t bear to spend any single money from me.

Mum I only wish you know I love you so much. Although I always at home, but I never spent any single minute to listen your complain. I guess she is so brave to bought us to the world and been through so much, as for me, I don’t even dare to have my own kids, as I feel kids are here to collect debt from us.

You can say my view is very negative however bringing up a kid is not an easy task. Thus I must grown up and let my mum not to worry me so much. However now my sickness all go away BUT I gain a lot of weight.

What I am concerning now is I am over weight. I am only 1.6m and yet my weight is 48kg le. Sign with an oversize chest and tummy, I also don’t know what should I do. From October 2007 I been wanting to perm my hair, but seeing my hair condition is so bad till I wondering should I go for rebond again and wait another year then perm it.

Why every girls’ hair grow so fast but me is only gaining weight. +Sigh+

My 2008 wish is hoping my parent and my in law is in good health. Because they are old already yet haven’t enjoy much life. When thought about my mother in law, I feel sad for her. As she suffer from diabetes thus a lot good food she can’t ate it and she need to control by eat long term pill and injection. She is also a very caring mum I ever seen cause she also treat me very good even I don’t see her so often.

God, if you happen to see these, please bless them as they give up so much luxury to raise us up.

God Bless