Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pinky & Hairy Days….

I always visit my salon monthly to do my matrix hair treatment however I was always been chop for $80 per time. Recently about my perm hair issue, I had some unpleasant with my hairstylist which make me quite dishearten. As I been with her since 2000 yet now she become boss and so stingy with me.

She didn’t give me what I pay for. Thus I decided not to go back to her. Apart from there, I never give up my hair, I search from a lot of salon and finally I got my treatment sets.
1 tube of vital repair 10ml only cost $15 and I had purchase it only at $70 for 6 tubes which is $20 cheaper as I bargain with her. +LOL+

However I had the matrix mask all along so I can simply do the treatment weekly then. Instead of doing once per month I had been doing it once per week. After all if I calculate I spent around a few hundred $ buying all matrix hair product for my hair. From shampoo till styling, I had been using the same single brand only.
And I did state I wish to change my room and all gadgets to PINK this 2008 as I feel my life too BLUES!!! So ….. this is my new quilt cover which is cotton satin, nice feel and china look for this CNY. :p

1 good news….I had won myself a pair of tickets to Kung Fu Dunk Gala Premiere.
Hopefully I get to see Jay Chou in person again… Yes I’m going to watch his movie this coming Sunday!

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