Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Preparation

It had been so long since my last blog, sorry to keep all waiting but I really realy buzy doing my wedding preparation. Next saturday is my birthday and sunday is my wedding day. Such a rush, also alot of mishaps did happen.

1 of the bridemaid hospitalise and couldn't do the fitting thus all bridemaids need to wear own dress. And my father in law also hospitalise yesterday as he suffering from mild stroke. Thus I hope he will be well soon and able to attend my wedding.

What I been busy.....
Went almost the whole Singapore just to find a perfect pair for myself, ending up with this pair by MODA. Plain isn't it? No worry.... I going to DIY!
Final product :) I stub all the crystal myself. To complete this took me 8 hours.
DIY ang pow box, 10 hr to do so. It is a cross but I place a man bow on it. Wedding couple standing on the pink ribbon represent we are going to walk down the aisle.
DIY bridemaid cards, really hoping they will like it and I do appreciate for their help.

Bridemaid corsage, I never get it from YC as 1 of the bridemaid is allergy to lace thus these 1 is in rubber band that tie on hair. Material of the roses are satin thus I hope it won't causes her any itch.

Hah, finally got my wedding portfolio yesterday from YC. Not going to reveal till after my wedding. Let's remain a secret.
I already hanged up my wedding photo infront of our bed. Look kinda small as ours is a US king size bed.

Saturday, October 8, 2011