Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Trimester 2 : 18 weeks bump

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Getting things right at the beginning [not sponsor advert]

Things I purchased right after I knew I was pregnant:
- bird’s nest
- sketch mark cream
- Natal supplement
- milk powder
- register antenatal class

First thing first, a lot myth stated not to eat too much bird’s nest if not your baby will be born will allergy. However because my case is IVF pregnancy thus I need a lot hormone pill to keep my baby safe. But my body is quite medicines prompt thus somehow or rather I never produce much cervical mucus thus I tried bird nest and I only eat once a week.
Alot of brands because the Brands and Dragon I gotten them from carousel and the Hock Hwa is from my mother.
Still got another 16 large bottles on my shelf
I had chosen Palmer’s sketch mark cream mainly because it was cheap however I not sure whether am it the best choice. As long as I knew you need to start using sketch mark cream as soon as you are aware you’re pregnant in order to prevent sketch mark during and after your pregnancy. Remember to maintain high moisture to your body skin always.
I get my supply from iherb as it cost only 30% of local retail price.
If this is your first purchase you can use this coupon code to offset $5usd from your purchase of $40usd

Pregnancy need to maintain good health with adequate nutrition and supplements for mummy and baby. Hence my gynea prescribe me with Prenaforte which multivitamins, natal care plus which is omega-3 essential fatty acid fish oil.
Not sure why am I eating this as alot blogger are using new obmin
Calcium intake is very important for mummy and baby. Calcium is needed for formation of baby’s bone and teeth and to maintain body stores of mother. In the market a lot of mummy milk powder brands. However I had chosen Dumex because that the only brand doesn’t consist of sucrose. I’m 35 this year so I’m considering as high risk pregnancy also tends to have gestation diabetes too.
NOT SPONSOR!!! Stocking up as very few stocks in PUNGGOL. You know what I mean if you staying in punggol.
Lastly is best to attend antenatal class if you’re first time parent. It is recommended to start this program during your 16 weeks pregnancy.
We took up antenatal class by KKH. It consists of 8 sessions in total. Each session last about 90mins. Sessions held once a week. One of the sessions will be on a weekend which will last 3hrs.
There were weekdays and weekends classes.

Weekday class: 6.30pm to 8.15pm
Weekend class: 11.15am to 1pm

For KKH patients:
$150 for weekday classes
$180 for weekend classes

For non-KKH patients:
$200 for weekday classes
$230 for weekend classes

You are encouraged to have your husband attending the class with you.

Find out more here: