Thursday, September 29, 2011


Dear lord, please help me to overcome my fear. I had been shivering inside my bed these few days. I'm not ready to face all crowd.

As the wedding date is nearer, I couldn't sleep well and I couldn't do or focus other things in my life.

Please help me. Amen

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another disappointment day

Well, afew days ago I had ask a friend (let call her A) to ask her sister where did she do her customize wedding photo in a wall paper. And today I got a reply from A. My sister say is a HSE warming gift from a god sister of hers. Her god sister drag her wedding picture out from my sister Facebook and did it out as a gift for her.

Also A stated her sister feel very unique that why she put it up. Well what angry was I was treated like an idiot. My close friend A knows I'm use photoshop so much. I still have some photo knowledge in me. Drag from Facebook, please common sense is you need a very good resolution to blow such a big photo in order to paste whole WALL. I don't mind if you don't wish to reveal the answer. What I mind most is you actually LIE to me and treated me like an idiot.

For goodness sake I still reply her WhatsApp and say asking her to ask her god sister where to do as at that moment of time I jus wake up so not in full mind. But 2 hours later I reply saying nvm is ok no need to ask.

As I began to realize such lame excuse was given as she don't I know where to make. However her reply is too sarcastic, "if you wish to know in detail then you can approach her personally. I just a message passer, thanks" Why you need to explain so much if you're not guilty. I know you too well. You like to present in a good way even you dislike me! Then A started get angry for NOTHING! So I will be scare right. A I not as gullible as you thought!

What can I do to you when you are pregnant thus I can't argue with you. But I can delete you! Also the moment you push your hubby out as a reason he don't allow you to be my bridemaid, our friendship already sour!

I was the one who press on you as I don't wish you to tell me on the actual day that you don't feel well. Do you know how many times you actually put me plane???

If you are reading it:
You don't like your friends alway push husband out as a lame excuse so don't treat me this way! Secondly, this round you push out your sister. I'm sorry on my actual day of wedding I believe your mother in law won't allow you to attend my wedding dinner too or you'll not feeling well on that day.

So I had cancel your name from the Facebook invites and tear your invitation card too. YOU AREN'T INVITED!

Friday, September 23, 2011

My BFF doter turning 1!

Well, time flies. So fast xinying already 1 yrs old.

How I wish I also have a pretty doter like these. (envy)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quarly Sparrow Key Ring

This is the main purpose of going Bangkok Trip just to get sparrow in pink. We are just risking our luck as we are not sure BK did sell anot.

Well lucky enough we found it at The Loft!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 4: Emporium, Amarin Plaza, Platinum Fashion Mall and ParatunamMarket

Visiting the big department store for my bra purchase. 1st stop we went to Emporium, quite a disappointment. As i walk to a sale gal and asked for my size.

However after I told her I need 75 D she immediately use a measuring tape to measure me and I was told I am 75E not D so end up she give me both size to try it on.
Indeed I was 75E in Thailand. Went back for more, but she coldly reply no more other design. This is the one and only pcs!

Thus we headed to the food court for breakfast. What special is, you need to purchase the coupon 1st before buying your food. I guess is their hygiene purpose. To avoid store tender contact the virus on the cash.

Well, we hop on the BTS to Chilom station for Armarin Plaza as we thought of going Sogo. But another disappointment as Sogo is not located there.
So nick suggest we go Paratunam Market. Walking distance thus we choose to walk. Pass by Platinum Fashion Mall by surprise. It was the largest wholesaler shopping mall. 3 building connect together, 6 sty. I am totally in love. Realize that MDS collection stocks are from there. Everything is cheap!

After that we headed to Paratunam Market. But nothing much so we went for a massage as we both are so exhausted after so many days of long hours of walking.

Dinner at SP, the food is totally expensive and awful.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 3: Chatuchak, Siam Square, Siam Discovery, Siam Centre and Siam Paragon

Sigh... Another raining day!
Going Chatuchak again as there are things I regretted I never buy. Tip for you, don't think just buy as it is hard to go back to the same store.

Waiting for our food, however all restaurant haven't opened yet thus chosen this store.

But regretted, my advise to you is: you rather hungry than eat other road side store. NEVER!!!

So cute.... Bunnies in dresses!

Still, reach at 10pm yet most shop not opened yet!

This paper cut had handle, sweet gesture!

Reached Siam Square! Traffic jam with full of pink cabs.

Wah.... Cuddle giant pink bear.


Lousy lunch... Taste so awful and salty.

Bee say google stated this is a must come building "central world" this place is so "wu Liao"

This Daiso same as SG, everything for $60thb/ea

Reached Patpong night market. Largest night market in bangkok. But I still prefer the one I visited in the past 6 years Silom Night Market but bee say Silom night market already close down half of it!

Dinner at MK.
Sigh rain so heavy till the taxi cab refuse to go by meter also they alway like to con tourist during night time.
Hee, my damage today $2700 THB.

In love with the hat and bag.
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 2: Chatuchak Market trip

Kinda a bad day started of with rain. Well it been raining since yesterday night thus I never expect it actually rain for whole day.

Outfit of the day.

Headed to a cafe for our breakfast.

I do remember I never had completed this place for the past 2 visits thus taken this foto to ensure I never had missed any area.

Actually I left my hotel @ 9am, after breakfast was around 10.30am that include travel time. Chatuchak Market open from 8am - 6pm. This was unexpected, shops still not open yet. I guess is due to rain.

1 of my purpose of coming here. Last trip this place was full of crowd ended up we didn't manage to try this. Yeah, glad is still there.

Bee finally got his Blue Mountain coffee.

I having the cooling apple ice tea with the yummy thick chocolate and strawberries toast.

Well, just now was just a tea break. Choosen this one and only restaurant for lunch as we didn't dare to ate at the road side food stall.

An reward meal for both of us to walk further. Pineapple rice, Tom yang soup, sweet sour chicken, black pepper seafood platter on hot plate with his mago shake and mine water melon shake ( which happen to appear like smoothie to me instead )

Mini puppies

Even snake is for sale

Goldfish in big steel basin.

Saw this transformer out of no where. Maybe you're unable to tell this is much taller and bigger than me despite it was built to mini scale

Been shopping from 9am to 6pm. These are my damage $4000thb :D

Mostly is my pajamas @_@ 7 sets!!!

In <3 with the hat!!!

Seem like the rain doesn't stop me from buying. Anyway hoping for a sunny day tomorrow.
Also wondering what will happen tomorrow as it is 911 10 anniversary.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bangkok Trip Day 1

Flying off with JetStar~

Checking into Radisson, a 5* hotel :)

Entertainment corner, please refer below

Cool right? Needless of bringing along your personal lappy.

Yes, waste closet, rain shower and washing area are 3 separated areas.

King size bed <3 but abit low as we are used to higher bed but it is FIRM enough!

Another set tv inside bedroom.

Wasting no time, I got to go! ~Xoxo
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