Sunday, September 25, 2011

Another disappointment day

Well, afew days ago I had ask a friend (let call her A) to ask her sister where did she do her customize wedding photo in a wall paper. And today I got a reply from A. My sister say is a HSE warming gift from a god sister of hers. Her god sister drag her wedding picture out from my sister Facebook and did it out as a gift for her.

Also A stated her sister feel very unique that why she put it up. Well what angry was I was treated like an idiot. My close friend A knows I'm use photoshop so much. I still have some photo knowledge in me. Drag from Facebook, please common sense is you need a very good resolution to blow such a big photo in order to paste whole WALL. I don't mind if you don't wish to reveal the answer. What I mind most is you actually LIE to me and treated me like an idiot.

For goodness sake I still reply her WhatsApp and say asking her to ask her god sister where to do as at that moment of time I jus wake up so not in full mind. But 2 hours later I reply saying nvm is ok no need to ask.

As I began to realize such lame excuse was given as she don't I know where to make. However her reply is too sarcastic, "if you wish to know in detail then you can approach her personally. I just a message passer, thanks" Why you need to explain so much if you're not guilty. I know you too well. You like to present in a good way even you dislike me! Then A started get angry for NOTHING! So I will be scare right. A I not as gullible as you thought!

What can I do to you when you are pregnant thus I can't argue with you. But I can delete you! Also the moment you push your hubby out as a reason he don't allow you to be my bridemaid, our friendship already sour!

I was the one who press on you as I don't wish you to tell me on the actual day that you don't feel well. Do you know how many times you actually put me plane???

If you are reading it:
You don't like your friends alway push husband out as a lame excuse so don't treat me this way! Secondly, this round you push out your sister. I'm sorry on my actual day of wedding I believe your mother in law won't allow you to attend my wedding dinner too or you'll not feeling well on that day.

So I had cancel your name from the Facebook invites and tear your invitation card too. YOU AREN'T INVITED!

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