Thursday, March 22, 2012

Draw Something

Got so addicted with this game recently. Guess it is ranked a top game now. Below are my art works.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to quit cigarette / smoking?

Had successfully quit smoking for a year or more.

I should share my story with you here, although is a bit silly but it did and yes is my truth story. I started smoking because of love. Been in love with a guy which lose my own soul and everything for him. It started in 2003, we got together however I don't know the start and ending was so wrong. It should never had started or began in the 1st place.

Anyway I had pick up smoking because, there's 1 time he wanted to break up with me. Reason: Because I don't smoke. Instead of I changed him yet he changes me in every single ways. I started smoking. Initially the 1st stick causes me to cough headache is like my brain is lack of oxygen but I force myself to keep going if not I will lose my love. I change myself for him. Thus I been suffering all the pain which I gone tru smoking.

However we still come to the end with all the pains I suffer, I've chosen to drink and smoke even more heavily. I feel smoking + drinking actually do make me giddy and it did numb me. I feel painless really painless. So as years go by, I actually smoked for 8 years! Yes I been spending all ,y $ on cigarette for whole 8 years. Smoking ease my pain, my loneliness. I told myself if I don't smoke I can't sleep. If I don't smoke I will cough. I get solution if I smoke! All bullshit!

Promised my love ones to quit 3 yrs ago but never success.

How did I actually success now?

It all happened in 2011. I came back SG and stayed with my parent as my family is anti smoker thus my smoking being restricted. Whenever I need a puff, I need to went out of the house and cross the road to hide in 1 of those void in hdb so I won't bump into them or neighbours. These had been going on for 3 months.... However, what's good is as I feel troublesome so I only had 1 stick per day.

1 day I left my newly bought cigarette in my new flat and is only open for 1 stick! Holly crap, I never intend to buy a new pack and I never wanted to go back. Thus I got back my cigarette after 2 days. I was so happy to have it back and lighted the first stick. However I guess it was opened and aire so the taste actually went off. Thus I had to throw the whole pack away.

Thinking back I actually can live without cigarette for 2 days so why not? So till now it been a year. I had get rid of this bad habit.

It should be the way and never wrong. I no need a cigarette in the first place. It is all in our mind. When you don't go and think you will get over. Same as those people that breaks our heart. We will forget and live on. It won't last forever, and we must believe and had faith in ourself.

WE CAN! Stop wasting $ on cigarette it can be used in better places.