Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 4: Emporium, Amarin Plaza, Platinum Fashion Mall and ParatunamMarket

Visiting the big department store for my bra purchase. 1st stop we went to Emporium, quite a disappointment. As i walk to a sale gal and asked for my size.

However after I told her I need 75 D she immediately use a measuring tape to measure me and I was told I am 75E not D so end up she give me both size to try it on.
Indeed I was 75E in Thailand. Went back for more, but she coldly reply no more other design. This is the one and only pcs!

Thus we headed to the food court for breakfast. What special is, you need to purchase the coupon 1st before buying your food. I guess is their hygiene purpose. To avoid store tender contact the virus on the cash.

Well, we hop on the BTS to Chilom station for Armarin Plaza as we thought of going Sogo. But another disappointment as Sogo is not located there.
So nick suggest we go Paratunam Market. Walking distance thus we choose to walk. Pass by Platinum Fashion Mall by surprise. It was the largest wholesaler shopping mall. 3 building connect together, 6 sty. I am totally in love. Realize that MDS collection stocks are from there. Everything is cheap!

After that we headed to Paratunam Market. But nothing much so we went for a massage as we both are so exhausted after so many days of long hours of walking.

Dinner at SP, the food is totally expensive and awful.

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