Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Happy Week

5/2/2008 Tuesday
A day in fish farm

Wendy had meet me today to collect her things that she ask me to purchase for her and we went out to have our breakfast together, however we decided to go farm together so I can play with her dogs while she doing her duty of the fish tank. By the way She had 3 big golden retrievers, 1 female and 2 males. some are from Holland and only 1 is from Australia. Hopefully my pictures can tell what’s going on there….
2 visitors for me as they still dunno me so they start peeping inside the window to see me. ha ha ha. BUT before I enter the farm they bark at me very fiercely but after awhile they start wigging their tails to me. So I assume they like me alot!!!!! The 1st dog who visit me at the window is " Cameo" from Australia which is the 1st dog that Wendy adopted.
Take a big look at the BIG bucket!!!! It is dogs' food HOR!!!! Half Chicken is inside, 3 Slice of FISH is inside too. 1 whole cucumber, half water melon and mini tomatoes... omg the dogs got to eat the starter with the main couse mixing together,,,, lucky she never feed me with that.

This is my favorite dog " Bear Bear" from Holland, I like him as he always follow me and stick to me very gentlly ao i won't scare of him and ale to get close to him!

Have you ever seen a women wash so many fish tanks yet still so happy. Insane lo.... :D
The 1st dog who visit me is " Cameo"
My favorite visitor " Bear Bear"
He is the only one visit me the most at the window . ha ha ha

Left to right: Cameo & Bear Bear

Left to right: Bear Bear, Chloe & Cameo
The poor dog slave cleaning the dogs poo poo

Bear bear shake my hand
erm,,, she is just demo how to take this kind of photoshop. wa ha ha ha
Day end: Is dinner time; Happy New Year to Wendy!!! Thanks for everything, as I really like your dog.:)

4/2/2008 Monday
Jay figurine is HERE
Finally the Jay figurine had arrive and I manage to get the below figurine. This year is my happiest year as I manage to meet him and able to purchase his souvenir….

I had purchase this - tw concert version

I had purchase this - sg concert version
3/2/2008 Sunday
Jay Chou “Kung Fu Dunk” Singapore Gala Premiere

This is the 1st time I attend a Grand Jay Chou “Kung Fu Dunk” Singapore Gala Premiere. It was held at Suntec room 602 at 7.30pm. However Jay Chou only appears around 8 pm.
I was lucky enough to won the tickets by Cheer Lucky Draw contest so the seats I got is almost last row of the hall and I can only see Jay as big as my thumb only. :S
So this is how far I was from the screen!!!!! But this hall is big as total is 3000 guests. so GRAND!!!
This the free tickets that I won it from "Cheer"

Anyway I still happy to see him and be the 1st to watch his movie before it was launch.

Verdict: He don’t act like he use to be in fact he act in so comedy way till the whole hall laugh and slapping which cinema can’t be found for this kind of situation. Very funny for the new year season.

2/2/2008 Saturday
RSAF “Luo Heng” Gathering

I had wake up early in order to attend bee RSAF “Luo Heng” gathering…. Wake up to early and make me so sleepy all the way. After finish Bee drives me to my favorite place to walk however Leisure Park doesn’t open so early. So we roam around till it opened. Bought some 3D DIY clay roses and 3D glue for my nails art and purchase some classic top too. Really very class as it is not my style at all so I assume is classic sexy too. Wa ha ha
After that we went to Queensway as Bee say he want to buy shoe but in the end didn’t get it. So we head back to Ikea to rest as it was raining bog outside.

Picture was taken on 1 of the Ikea Furry Sofas while I was resting.... Feel like a princess... zzzz

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