Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My Damage Hair

I really very unlucky this few days, as Hong Kong / China sides all start to having holiday thus a lot of goods is stuck with them, supposing Chinese New Year is the best month for sale of apparel however not for me. :(

Thus headache over suppliers and buyers as buyers always shop last minute and suppliers so early go for holiday le…. I guess this is the last spree I organize as no more suppliers is working and I’ll resting from last of Jan 2008 till Mar 2008.

As for my hair, sign…..
It been straighten on the 3rd day, then I call my hair stylish thus she ask me to travel down to orchard just to let her examine my hair and not redo on the spot.
However she fixed another appointment with me to redo my Japan perm.

Quite disappointment with my 8 years hair stylish:

1) She had used 3 type solutions to do my 1st perm but she only use 2 type of solution to redo m perm.
2) She spend 4 hours t do my 1st perm, but she use 2 hours to do my re perm by setting more higher temperature to burn my hair.
3) She use big rollers for my 1st perm but use all small rollers during my 2nd perm.
4) Though it is curl on the 1st day however now already going to straighten soon.
5) My hair was spoilt during the 2nd perm, thus now is total damage yet she still dare to charge me when I go treatment. When my Japan perm package actually come with free treatment.
6) Last she use a lot of time and ingredient which is the treatment I pay for. However today she actually use a left over solutions and cut a new solutions and kept the rest of my solutions infront of me.
7) When doing steaming, last time is 45 min but now only 10 min after that time for hair mask, she only apply abit on my hair and not even entirely.
Totally disappointed with my hair stylish, however I really love her hair cut skill thus I not willing to part with her. But I hate to say this as she already change as she is now the boss partner in the salon thus she is stingy with the product over us but she will never expect she lost me as a potential loyalty customer over these 8 years. Spend so much $ on her over priced hair products yet today because she is the boss she stingy in me. This my hair condition after matrix treatment, okay lo... at least not so dry and frizzy. :)

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