Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All in PINK....

Recently I saw a Asus EEE which is so small on a it show. So cute as it is so mini, then when bee show me a it had pink color one, I totally fall in love but it is only available in Taiwan. I decide to wait it come Singapore, guess Singapore will have it just the matter of time, thus I will wait patiently and purchase it when it sell in Singapore without hesitation so meanwhile I can save for it le….
Nice Pink Asus EEE
Secondly, I had sold my Casio exslim ex60 which is my fist camera in my life. However, the macro didn’t meet my requirement and it don’t capture well during day time. Thus I sell it at $250 only when I bought my camera at $459. Now I decided to get myself a pink sony T70. yeah… everything pink…. I love it… I like all my gadgets in PINK in 2008.

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