Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My New Hair Style in 2008

Finally I had pick up my courage to do the japan perm today, however I was intending to do rebonding but my hair stylish insist that I need a perm as to change a new look.

So I say” okay lor” in a very reluctant tone, she know I’m very nervous and kept ask her can don’t perm, yet she keep me accompany, when we sit and chat to wait the time up for each process. I having a nice time with my hair stylish May.

This is the first look when the hot roller was removing.

Do I look like one of the Rome princess?

Then this is the final look after the last stage process. However it is not as curl as I thought BUT hope it won’t be straight by Chinese New Year and now I hate my hair a little as due to the chemical process, my hair turn so hard. Now I hopping to wash off the chemical but can’t wash hair within 24 hours if not the curl will be gone. Never mind maybe after 1 wash it’ll be nicer and softer. Praying ba….

However, I’m still okay with the new look as I thought I might turn out to be aunty but no. because I had tried tie my hair into other style which make me quite cute too.

Oh ya... not to forget i got another appoinment with May on 20/1/2008 as i need to do treatment and coloring on my hair.
Thus I wish I can be pretty by CNY had arrive.

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