Sunday, January 6, 2008


Recently receive a friendster email message from a ITE classmate “Kelly Lum” I’am so piss off while reading her message.

My view is “you don’t judge who I am when you don’t even understand me” I don’t care how others look at me. I just don’t care as from the day I born, the rumors followed me like I’m 1 of the famous celebrity. I feel okay as no matter what only my truth friends side me and understand me.

Thanks you all my friends, I love you all.

However you know what Kelly, I told you to stop telling bad things about me infront of my closes friends as they will have bad impression of you only. But if you wish to continue it, you are the one who get hurt in the end.

I been through too much, who told you kept changing boyfriends is consider as flirt. I can only tell you I’m unlucky enough as I always met the wrong person. Do you consider as a women as you act like a “BITCH” I must say. In my life I guess I only curse Jonathon Ng like hell as I had reasons and fit to do that! And YOU is only my only friend that I use such a bad word to describe you. I feel sorry for you as I had become your “IMAGINARY ENEMIE” ever since 2002 (which you jus told me) it is indeed a waste of time to hate me when I did nothing to you.

I feel sorry for you because you don’t even know a lot of my close friends avoid you in the end. Look what you have done to yourself???

When I was being bully my past boyfriends only Qiuyun and lena (Singapore poly) Wendy and Zann (Peicai Secondary) be there for me. Where are you then when you kept saying you are the only one care for me? And you told Vincent and Nick that I was not worth for them to love and hang out with???? Yet you still have the cheek to say you never backstabbed me as I’m aware what you told them? Hello…. I know what you told them is from 3rd party. You’re really acting like a aunty, because only aunty do gossiping.

I really had to warn you here, you’re no longer my friend and please get your life outside as you had done with me. Stop email me as what you say is totally absurd.

You claim you never say bad thing of me as it is the truth and what you know about me, what is truth when you don’t even with me when I need you. You say not only you say my bad things and others do so as you only follow them. Okay fine, 1 day if you are caught and end up in the court, you can tell the judge that you commit no crime as you follow what other robber did thus you only follow them.

You really 1 kind when you’re wrong and yet you don’t admit it. Too bad I got no time for you thus I should declare “Kelly Lum” is out of my life. I don’t welcome you to enter my LIFE!!!!

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