Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome 2008

Well long time never post. However now is the new beginning year 2008, and I hope more good things might happen. Been spending so much in December 2007 as whenever there’s festival season and tend to have lot of sales.

m… I jus bring my mum out and purchase a top for my mum which cost $50 for a non label Tee only, however I wanted to give my mum the best and bringing her out as I feel she always stay at home and ask her buy more things but she choose to save for me. What to say, she love me too much and don’t bear to spend any single money from me.

Mum I only wish you know I love you so much. Although I always at home, but I never spent any single minute to listen your complain. I guess she is so brave to bought us to the world and been through so much, as for me, I don’t even dare to have my own kids, as I feel kids are here to collect debt from us.

You can say my view is very negative however bringing up a kid is not an easy task. Thus I must grown up and let my mum not to worry me so much. However now my sickness all go away BUT I gain a lot of weight.

What I am concerning now is I am over weight. I am only 1.6m and yet my weight is 48kg le. Sign with an oversize chest and tummy, I also don’t know what should I do. From October 2007 I been wanting to perm my hair, but seeing my hair condition is so bad till I wondering should I go for rebond again and wait another year then perm it.

Why every girls’ hair grow so fast but me is only gaining weight. +Sigh+

My 2008 wish is hoping my parent and my in law is in good health. Because they are old already yet haven’t enjoy much life. When thought about my mother in law, I feel sad for her. As she suffer from diabetes thus a lot good food she can’t ate it and she need to control by eat long term pill and injection. She is also a very caring mum I ever seen cause she also treat me very good even I don’t see her so often.

God, if you happen to see these, please bless them as they give up so much luxury to raise us up.

God Bless

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