Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What is the best Valentine Day gift????

Ha I guess now a lot of teenage only for focused valentine day and not Chinese New Year. However, as for me….. I used to fancy over all festival when I’m young as got a lot of gifts for me.

m… anyway I’m phobia of CNY as I need to meet a lot of “long times no see” relatives, and they will ask. “So when you both going to get your wedding customary?” sigh… is this an common or “must ask” topic…..

well, valentine day is also round the corner but MINE is different!!!! My ROM 2 years anniversary is somewhere near the valentine day. M… still thinking where should we go holiday as I’m very free during February as all oversea supplier is close.

What is the best valentine gift? A diamond? A huge bear? Or a romantic spa for 2???? I don’t know so guys out there, don’t call and ask me this time. As I have promoted to be aunty hence I’m no longer romantic anymore. :D

I had read a “feng shui” book stated my lucky color this year is green, but too bad I can’t be bother as I decided all my belonging this year will be all PINK.

Today I saw a valentine limited edition Puma watch – swap series. It is so nice, however when I check in internet for the price but I had found a PINK series swap. Why it is call swap as it come with 1 extra belt to change. J

It really suit me, I been wanting to change my watch but m… is like I no have the habit of wearing watch now as I no more working thus no need watch. But I really like it, however don’t know Singapore got sell a not. I guess is around $200+ … pondering… why I like so expensive gadgets nowadays.

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