Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DIY Swarovski Ipod Shuffle

It was quite some ever since my last blog. I guess my depression relapse due to I’m leaving Singapore soon and pain to see that my mum worry so much. Anyway, I just received my 1st birthday present from Bee. It is actually purple but I use 3 hours to paste the Swarovski on it.

Price to pay: as I had lie on the floor to do the pasting thus my neck got stiffness thus problem now is I can’t turn my head upward, downward, left and right. So painful now!!!

Spend around $30+ buying at wholesale price.

Guess I’m going to be busy for these 2 months as need to list down the things to do and pack the things and furniture to ship over states.

Dear friends, I’ll terminate my mobile number by November 2008 so anything please emails me after that. I’ll leave Singapore by end of November 2008 as we need to reach States “Peace Vanguard” by 1st December 2008. Thus now I'm open for you guys & gals for gathering appointments, please re-book me in advance. LOL :p

I will be celebrating silver Christmas there these 2 years.
And most importantly, I don’t really know how am I surviving there when that area SNOW!!!!

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