Saturday, December 5, 2009

My USA instructional driving permit

Abit guilty as I reach USA 20th Dec 2008, I yet obtain my driving lic here!
Well these is my sg driving lic that obtain since 2006. Using this sg driving lic can only drive in USA for 1st 7 months. However I didn't drive at all! Ha ha ha

Untill 1st Dec 2009, then I go get a instruction permit! These few days I'm in the middle of hectic driving training. I really wish to give up as the speed limit here is too fast!
Small road: 35mile = 56km
Normal road: 45 miles = 72km
High way: 65 - 75 miles = 104 - 120km

Kao!!! I barely drive 40km in Singapore ONLY! These few days my speed alway 20 - 40mile only which is consider ROAD HOGGING I get many of HONKS...... Don't think I can get my driving lic in USA sucessfully!

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